New Munchkin Babies Game Spits Up Over Tables in 2022

Published: December 10, 2021 3:33 PM /


The box art for the Munchkin Babies game

Fans of Steve Jackson Games' iconic Munchkin have a lot to enjoy. The simple party game of playing cards, figuring out the quickest path to power and racing your friends to victory holds a universal appeal. There's a reason why the term "munchkinism" exists to describe min/maxing players in RPGs after all. The game has had multiple expansions and spin-offs, including ones for Critical Role and DuckTales. Now, there's another new game to add to this storied series: Munchkin Babies.

According to Steve Jackson Games' own store page, the Munchkin Babies game is yet another slice of high fantasy hijinx but everyone is a toddler. Quoting the site's description:

Play a cute Orcling, Dwarfling, Elfling, or Quarterling (half a Halfling). Go to preschool to learn your Class: Wiz Kid, Ankle Biter, Crumb Snatcher, or Holy Terror, and then arm yourself with the scariest items from the toy box: the Kazoo of Constant Whining, Kid-Safe Stabbinator, Blame-Resistant Pajamas, and of course, the Extremely Pokey Spoon. You must fight fearsome monsters such as the Jealous Kitty, the Hootin' Nanny, the Napmare, and, worst of all, the Pediatrician! Grab their treasure and crawl your way to Level 10!

Back of the box art for the Munchkin Babies game
Back of the box artwork for Munchkin Babies. Image Credit: Steve Jackson Games

Just from this description alone, it appears Munchkin Babies will continue the series' blend of sly, tongue-in-cheek humor. This can also be seen in some preview artwork of the cards in the set. Courtesy of website Beasts of War, we can see additional curse and equipment cards like the "Duckie of Doom" or the "Antioxidant Rich Juice" card.

The Munchkin Babies game is currently available for pre-order on Steve Jackson Games' website. It will include 168 cards, all with baby or toddler-themed artwork done in the series' distinct art style, a six-sided die, and a rulebook. Its current MSRP is 29.95, and is slated to release January of 2022.


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