New Marvel Champions Expansion Brings The Sinister Six

Published: December 3, 2021 3:13 PM /


A group of Spider-Man villains surrounding Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales

Marvel true believers have had a lot to enjoy with Marvel Champions. Fantasy Flight Games' living card game has had plenty of of ongoing support with narrative expansion packs as well as smaller villain scenario packs. Now, with its fourth major expansion, Sinister Motives, this take on the Marvel universe is about to give more love to its own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

As the name suggests on Fantasy Flight Games' website, Marvel Champions Sinister Motives introduces a brand new narrative campaign featuring the Sinister Six. In addition to adding brand new playable characters from across the Spider-Verse such as Gwen Stacy's Ghost Spider and Miles Morales, the expansion introduces brand new baddies like Sandman, Venom, Mysterio, Electro, Hobgoblin, and Doctor Octopus.

The curious thing about these new villains is that, unlike other Marvel Champions campaigns, defeating these baddies will not lead to victory. The individual villains aren't exactly that tough; their health is lower than other villains and they do not scale with how many heroes are in play. The only way to win is by completing both sides of the side scheme card, Light at the End. Otherwise, these tenacious villains will simply come back over and over until your heroes are overwhelmed. While Fantasy Flight was coy about who exactly is the mastermind behind this new version of the Sinister Six, they did tease that it is what will happen when you combine the abilities of two quintessential Spider-Man villains together.

A spread of hero and villain cards in Marvel Champions Sinister Motives
A handful of new hero and villain cards. Image Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

As for new heroes, Marvel Champions Sinister Motives does keep up its variety. Ghost Spider is a combo heavy character which is great for keeping the pressure up against a variety of challenges. This is thanks to her Dizzying Reflexes ability which lets her ready after resolving an Interrupt or Response ability. On top of that, she has a pre-built Protection deck which includes a card called Across the Spider-Verse. This lets you call on the aid of other web warriors from across the multiverse like Silk and Spider UK in a pinch. Alternatively, despite sharing the same hero name, Miles Morales makes his own mark with his own innate Venom Blast and Spider Camouflage abilities. On top of that, his deck includes aid from SHIELD agents like Monica Chiang and Agent Sharon Carter.

Marvel Champions Sinister Motives is yet another great chance for Spidey fans to enjoy his little part of the Marvel universe in a new way. Something that pairs nicely with the upcoming Marvel Studios film, Spider-Man: No Way Home, an upcoming videogame sequel by Insomniac Games featuring Tony Todd as the iconic Venom, and his belated debut in Marvel's Avengers. This new expansion is now available for pre-order both at local retailers as well as Fantasy Flight Games' online store.

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