Fortnite Secret Lair Bonus Cards Revealed As Orders Open

Wizards of the Coast have announced a new Secret Lair for Magic: The Gathering based on the popular battle royale Fortnite.

Published: July 15, 2022 2:43 PM /


A handful of Fortnite Themed Magic cards on a purple background

Update 7/21/2022:1:44 PM: The day pre-orders became available for the Fortnite Secret Lair, content creator MTG Unpacked uploaded an unboxing video showing off the featured cards. In addition, he revealed the bonus cards for this drop. Those cards are the following:

  • Boogie Bomb (Pyrite Spellbomb)
  • The Spire (Command Tower)
Screenshots of The Spire and Boogie Bomb cards from the Fortnite Secret Lair
Image Credit: MTG Unpacking, Wizards of the Coast

Orders for the Fortnite Secret Lair are open today and will be available until Monday July 25.

Original Story: Fans of Magic: The Gathering are familiar with the release of Secret Lairs. These are limited promotional printings of cards that either showcase various artists such as Black is Magic, are produced in collaboration with organizations like Extra Life, or feature cards based on other licensed properties like Stranger Things. Now, Wizards of the Coast have announced a Magic: The Gathering Fortnite Secret Lair, based on Epic Games' popular battle royale shooter.

Seven different Magic cards featuring artwork from Fortnite
Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast, Epic Games.

What Is In The Fortnite Secret Lair?

According to an official post on the Magic website, the Fortnite Secret Lair is made up of two different drops. The first one, simply titled Secret Lair x Fortnite, will contain seven cards featuring the artistic trappings of Epic Games' multiplayer game. These include the Battle Bus and Supply Llama as Artifacts (Battle Bus is a vehicle, and Supply Llama an artifact creature), a battlefield wiping sorcery called Shrinking Storm, and even a Dance Battle enchantment. The post also states that these cards are functional reskins of already existing Magic cards, which means they will count towards the same deck spot. Those cards are as follows:

  • "Shrinking Storm" is Wrath of God
  • "Dance Battle" is Dance of Many
  • "Supply Llama" is Etherium Sculptor
  • "Crack The Vault" is Grim Tutor
  • "Battle Royale" is Triumph of the Hordes
  • "Battle Bus" is Smuggler's Copter
  • "The Cube" is Planar Bridge

The set of cards seems well suited to multiplayer or Commander games, and is the perfect way to bring some Fortnite jokes to the table to your opponents' never-ending annoyance.

A handful of five Magic The Gathering cards featuring art from Fortnite
Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast, Epic Games

The second drop of the Fortnite Secret Lair is called Secret Lair x Fortnite: Landmarks and Locations. As the name implies, this drop contains five full-art cards of Plains, Mountain, Island, Swamp, and Forest featuring notable landmarks and locations from Fortnite.

When Can I Buy The Fortnite Secret Lair?

Both drops of the Fortnite Secret Lair will be available for pre-order at this store page between July 21 at 9 AM PT and July 25 at 9 AM PT. These drops will be available in non-foil for $29.99 as well as foil for $39.99. The expected date of release is September 2 2022.

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