New Magic: The Gathering Dungeons & Dragons Cards Revealed

Wizards of the Coast has revealed a handful of Magic: The Gathering Dungeons & Dragons cards alongside its plans for the "Summer of Legend" — including the date when in-person plays begins again in the U.S.

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Magic the Gathering Dungeons & Dragons cover

A handful of Magic: The Gathering Dungeons & Dragons cards have been revealed along with a wonderful surprise: WOTC's Summer of Legend is coming and it features a return to in-person play!

Late last year, Wizards of the Coast announced that Dungeons & Dragons was getting its very own core set for Magic: The Gathering. That shouldn't come as a surprise considering that both of these franchises had their best years ever. Now, we've finally gotten a look at some of the first cards that are coming in this new set!

Magic the Gathering Dungeons & Dragons cards

What Are the New Magic: The Gathering Dungeons & Dragons Cards?

A total of 11 Magic: The Gathering Dungeons & Dragons cards were revealed in today's announcement, although one of the cards had its details obscured for the moment.

Let's get the light stuff out of the way: five lands have been revealed and they don't really have much in the way of special effects. We also got a look at the art for Baleful Beholder, although Wizards isn't quite ready to reveal the card's text just yet. That aside, we also saw a few brand-new cards that are on the way. Here they are:

  • Portable Hole (Artifact, W) – When Portable Hole enters the battlefield, exile target nonland permanent an opponent controls with mana value 2 or less until Portable Hole leaves the battlefield.
  • Power Word Kill (Instant, 1B) – Destroy target non-Angel, non-Demon, non-Devil, non-Dragon creature.
  • Prosperous Innkeeper (Creature – Halfling Citizen, 1/1, 1G) – When Prosperous Innkeeper enters the battlefield, create a Treasure token. (It's an artifact with "Tap, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color.")
  • Tiamat (Legendary Creature – Dragon God, 7/7, 2WUBRG) – Flying
    When Tiamet enters the battlefield, if you cast it, search your library for up to five Dragon cards not named Tiamat that each have different names, reveal them, put them into your hand, then shuffle.
    • A full-art version of Tiamat was also revealed (seen above).

That's not all that's on the way, though — a classic Dungeons & Dragons item is getting a special card of its own.

Magic the Gathering Dungeons & Dragons Vorpal Sword

The Vorpal Sword is a powerful weapon with the "Vorpal" effect, a magical quality for slashing weapons that increased the chances of beheading an opponent. Now, it returns as the Buy-a-Box promotional card with the following effects:

  • Vorpal Sword (Artifact – Equipment, B) – Equipped creature gets +2/+0 and has Deathtouch.
    5BBB: Until end of turn, Vorpal Sword gains "Whenever equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, that player loses the game."

    Equip BB

Magic the Gathering Summer of Legend slice

Get Ready for Magic: The Gathering's Summer of Legend

Magic: The Gathering Dungeons & Dragons cards aside, Wizards of the Coast has a whole bunch more in store. The Summer of Legend is coming!

Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons 2 Release Date Revealed

The Magic: The Gathering Modern Horizons 2 release date has been locked in for June 18, 2021. As always, there will be opportunities to attend pre-released events and catch previews of cards in the weeks beforehand

WOTC also shared a handful of cards from the set. The enemy fetchlands were shown off, along with the fact that they are getting an old-border art treatment. These will definitely be money rares in the set between their high existing value, multi-format usage, and a cool art look that people will want.

One of the most surprising additions, however, is the revival of a classic spell: the legendary blue card "Counterspell" is returning as part of this set. Featuring the rather straightforward instructions of "Counter target spell," this Instant card is a powerful weapon in the hands of any player, and may help tame some of the combos in the format.

All of those are going to be one of 42 new to modern reprints that will be in the set. One of them will be in each booster, meaning you'll be finding an old friend in each pack of Modern Horizons 2. That said, there are still going to be plenty of new cards, like the first-ever Enchantment Land - Urza's Saga. It's an enchantment, it's a land, its a saga, and it's named after an (in)famous set.

Urza's Saga Card

Magic: The Gathering Arena Gets New Historic Cards, 'Mirror, Mirror' Event

Digital players aren't being left out in the cold, mind — Historic Anthology 5 will be adding 25 new cards to the Historic format for the game. These will include Legendary cards such as Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger and more mundane cards such as Whirler Rogue.

A number of events are on the way over the next few months, but something particularly interesting will be arriving in July: the "Mirror, Mirror event will feature rebalanced versions of some of the most iconic cards that have been banned from Historic play. This event won't last for too long, though, so you definitely don't want to miss it!

Magic: The Gathering In-Person Play Returns May 2021

Finally, there's some good news for fans of Magic: The Gathering: in-person play is opening up again in the United States starting on May 28, 2021. Soon, you'll be able to enjoy all of the fun of Friday Night Magic and in-store tournaments with your friends and rivals!

There will be an incentive to head out to stores, too — a "highly limited" number of Mystery Booster Convention Edition boxes will be shared with WPN stores for the purposes of drafts and in-store play. With conventions around the world more or less shut down, this might be your best chance to score some pretty rare cards! That's not all — you can also score a promotional copy of a foil, retro-framed Fabled Passage at participating stores around the world if you spent $50 or more at partnered stores starting June 18 or when sanctioned play returns to your area.

Those are the broad strokes for what to expect in Wizards of the Coast's upcoming Summer of Legend; you can read the full announcement for all the fine details. We'll get to see more of the Magic: The Gathering Dungeons & Dragons cards starting on June 29, 2021.

What do you think of the first few Magic: The Gathering Dungeons & Dragons cards? Are you excited to return to in-person play at your local game store? Let us know in the comments below!

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