New Lore for Dark Souls Tabletop RPG Revealed

After a quick teaser trailer back in December, Steamforged Games have released additional details about their upcoming Dark Souls tabletop RPG

Published: January 27, 2022 2:50 PM /


Artwork shown for the hardcover copy of the Dark Souls tabletop RPG

Back in December, Steamforged Games released a teaser for their newest project: a Dark Souls tabletop RPG. The trailer itself was minimal, a quick CG trailer showing polyhedral dice being thrown into one of the series' iconic bonfires. In addition, the developers remained tight-lipped about further details, saying that more information would be available in the coming weeks. Now it has been several weeks since this announcement, and Steamforged Games have shared more.

In an official press release, the developers gave more details about the Dark Souls tabletop RPG. First and foremost, the RPG will be a completely self-contained experience. You'll just need one book to run the entire game from character creation to running a campaign as a GM.

Furthermore, the Dark Souls tabletop RPG will use the Dungeons and Dragons 5e OGL with some franchise-specific tweaks. This will include bespoke character classes, a completely revamped magic system incorporating magic, pyromancy, and miracles, as well as a complete bestiary full of nightmarish creatures for players to struggle against.

Two pages from the Dark Souls tabletop RPG
The gold borders look nice. Image Credit: Steamforged Games

As for why Steamforged Games wanted to make a Dark Souls tabletop RPG, Creative Director and Chief Creative Officer Mat Hart mentioned how key Dark Souls is as an IP to Steamforged Games. Considering the studio's first major project was a successfully crowdfunded Dark Souls board game, it would make sense. As for the design intentions and talent Steamforged has on hand for this project, Hart explains further, stating, "We wanted to capture the spark of the video games and deliver a roleplaying experience that would give players the real Dark Souls feel, whether they’re rolling a unique character from one of the bespoke classes, creeping through the ruins of Lothric and encountering familiar characters, or engaging in tactical combat against an iconic video game enemy. With the passion of our team and the writing of our lead RPG writer, ENNIE-nominee Richard August, we’re confident we’ve done just that. We can’t wait for players to get their hands on this game and experience roleplaying like never before. One thing’s for sure: Prepare To Die.”

Considering that August's ENNIE-nominated work includes Epic Encounters Hall of the Orc King, applying his scenario talents to the Dark Souls tabletop RPG is fitting. The Dark Souls tabletop RPG is scheduled to release in Spring of 2022.

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