New KeyForge Set Announced "Age Of Ascension"

Published: February 14, 2019 12:39 PM /



Fantasy Flight have announced a brand new set for the popular card game KeyForge. The new set is called Age of Ascension and will be released during the second quarter of 2019 and will bring the pool of cards available for randomized KeyForge decks up to 370. The new cards are not designed to replace the cards from the original KeyForge set, according to a press release, but instead will be completely compatible and balanced against original decks from the first release.

Age of Ascension will feature new keyword abilities and mechanics to throw a little flavor into the game's already existing mechanics. The new keywords will all be found in houses themed around their mechanics, such as the Alpha keyword, forcing you to play a card as your first action in a turn, which will be found in aggressive houses such as Brobnar. On the other side of the spectrum, the Omega keyword forced players to end their turn after playing and is found in sneakier, darker houses. The final new keyword is Deploy, which allows players to place cards in the middle of their battle line instead of having to place them on the flanks.

Although Age of Ascension features cards from the previous set, each deck will feature at least some cards from the newest release, ensuring that players who buy a deck will get to see something new with each purchase. These decks will also feature new 'legacy' cards. Any card from Call of the Archons that isn't included in the new card pool can appear in the newer decks, but with new artwork and strange effects to change how they're used in battle, and how they interact with other cards.

Hopefully, Age of Ascension will have tuned the naming algorithm enough to avoid the need for another voluntary recall for some decks that the original Keyforge release had with inappropriate names. That said, hopefully, the trend of bizarre and hilarious names continues.

Are you looking forward to the newest set of KeyForge cards? Will you be purchasing some Age of Ascension decks for your collection? Join in the comments below. 

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