New Information on The Brothers' War Magic Set

Wizards of the Coast have released more information about the newest upcoming Magic set, The Brothers' War, and how players will get to experience one of the setting's most iconic events.

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Official promotional artwork from The Brothers' War Magic set

More information is now out on The Brothers' War Magic set. Wizards of the Coast has already shared some information about how this set will be handling its prerelease, which has stoked interest in this highly anticipated set. This is due in part to the titular war being one of the most iconic in the lore of the game, with only its fallout being visited in the early set of Antiquities.

What was revealed for The Brothers' War Magic set?

This new information of The Brothers' War comes from an official post on Wizards' website. First, artwork for the sets' fullart basic lands was shown off, illustrating the massive war machines that fought across the land. These "mech basic lands" as they are called will be in all Draft, Set, and Collector boosters.

Promotional artwork of mech lands from The Brothers' War Magic set
These cards really put the war into perspective.

Next, the post showed art of the brothers of The Brothers' War. Both Urza and Mishra will appear in multiple versions throughout the set. For example, Urza was shown not just as a Legendary Creature but as a Planeswalker as well.

Promotional artwork of Urza cards from The Brothers' War Magic Set
Melding cards definitely makes a statement

Notably, Urza's Planeswalker card does confirm that Meld will be returning in The Brothers' War Magic set. Meld, first introduced in Eldritch Moon, is represented by a pair of double-sided cards. When the requirements are met on these two cards, they are flipped, revealing two halves of a single card that acts as a single permanent. In a quick Q&A on Mark Rosewater's blog, he confirmed that Urza will be just one of three Meld pairs in this new set. Presumably one of the others will be his brother Mishra, who we will learn more about on the 30th-anniversary stream on October 30th.

Promotional Retro Frame artwork from The Brothers' War Magic set.
What is old is new again.

The post continued by showcasing two new Commander decks coming with The Brothers' War. Since time travel is part of the story for this set, every single card in these decks will feature the retro frame treatment. This will include reprints, meaning some cards will be getting the retro treatment for the first time, as well as lands. In addition to this retro treatment, the versions of Urza and Mishra in this deck will also get more modern extended art frames. These variants can be found in Collector Boosters.

Card artwork of the Retro Frame Artifacts from The Brothers' War Magic set
The regular Retro Frames Artifacts are on the left, the retro schematic variants are on the right.

This retro throwback continues in The Brothers' War with Retro Frame Artifacts. Classic artifact cards like Ivory Tower and Lodestone Golem will be represented in this retro frame and will be represented with its own set symbol. Each of these cards will also have alternate art variants where they will have retro schematic mock-ups. These cards can be found in Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters, functioning much like the Mystical archive did in Strixhaven, with one per pack.

Serialized cards will also make a debut on special versions of the schematic art with retro frames. These will have a special double-rainbow foiling, and there be 500 copies of each, with the number printed on the art for each card. These will only be distributed in Collector Boosters.

Finally, Wizards of the Coast gave a few more incentives to those attending a The Brothers' War prerelease event. In addition to certain participating retailers giving away one of four cards celebrating Magic's 30th Anniversary, there will be a Buy-A-Box promo version of Mishra's Foundry available while supplies last. Certain bundles will also include additional promo cards, such as Queen Kayla bin-Kroog.

Magic: The Gathering Transformers Cards

Promotional artwork of Transformers cards in The Brothers' War Magic set
One shall stand, one shall fall.

Finally, The Brothers' War will be getting Transformers promotional cards. Announced at Hasbro Pulse Con, and further shared by a tweet by the official MTG account, all The Brothers' War Bundles as well as Set and Collector Boosters you'll be able to get six legendary creatures based on iconic Autobots and Decepticons like Starscream and Optimus Prime. Each card is double-sided, one for the character's robot and vehicle mode respectively. In addition, there's a chance the cards will either be in a normal frame or a Shattered Glass variant, aka the Mirror Universe of Transformers where the hero and villain roles are reversed. These cards are officially part of Magic's Universes Beyond series.

The Brothers' War prerelease event begins November 11.

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