New Daemon Primarch Angron 40k Model Revealed As Others Leak

Games Workshop have a new announcement trailer showing a new Daemon Primarch Angron 40k model for the World Eater army. This is coupled with several leaked images teasing more units to come

Published: July 8, 2022 2:53 PM /


The Daemon Primarch Angron 40k model on a dark background

Update 7/12/2022 3:00 PM EST: Since this was announced, Games Workshop has revealed more plans for the Chaos Daemons by announcing a new Chaos Daemon Codex.

Original Story: During Warhammer Fest 2022, it was revealed that changes would be coming to Warhammer 40k's World Eater army. There were originally part of the Chaos Space Marine army, but will now be getting their own dedicated mechanics, codex, as well as new dedicated units. Today, Games Workshop has revealed that a new Daemon Primarch Angron 40k model is on the way. In addition, there appear to be leaked images circulating teasing more units coming to the followers of the Blood God.

Featured artwork for Daemon Primarch Angron
Image Credit: Games Workshop

Where Was The Daemon Primarch Angron 40k Model Revealed?

The new Angron 40k model was announced on a Warhammer Community post. The post goes into detail about the lore of Angron. He was a tragic figure of the Horus Heresy, an event in the lore so monumental it has its own spin-off miniatures game dedicated to its events. He is distinct thanks to his Black Sword and his moniker of 'Red Angel'. Furthermore, he is a Daemon Prince of Khorne, the Chaos god that the World Eaters are devoted to. There were no further details about how much the Angron 40k model will cost or if it would be included in any future boxes or expansions.

A blurry image of Chaos Daemons and Imperial Guardsman fighting
The leaked image found on Bolter and Chainsword. Image Credit: Games Workshop, Belle of Lost Souls

What Was Leaked During the Angron 40k Model Reveal?

Shortly before Games Workshop officially revealed the new Angron 40k model, a leaked image began circulating on various Warhammer enthusiast sites and forums. The image in question seemed to show the new Daemon Primarch Angron alongside what appear to be brand new World Eater units. As Belle of Lost Souls observed in their report on the leaked image, the resolution quality of the image was so terrible that no modern camera within the past five years could have taken the photo. From what could be gleaned, the leaked image appears to show Angron alongside brand new Berzerker models and what appears to be new polearm-wielding units as they face down what appears to be new Imperial Guardsmen units.

What adds credibility to this leaked image and all of this speculation is the final paragraph in the Angron 40k model reveal's post. It states, "We’ll have more to come from Angron and his World Eaters over the coming months, so stay tuned to if you prefer your previews at a respectable resolution…" With this statement in mind, it can be inferred that this leaked image was a form of guerilla marketing on Games Workshop's part.

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