New Age of Sigmar Battlebox Heats a Briney Grudge

Published: December 27, 2021 3:30 PM /


Artwork of an army of dwarves fighting off fishmen invaders.

Games Workshop has kept war gamers interested with their recent announcements for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. In addition to a brand new run of the Warhammer board game, Cursed City, GW have included brand new battlescroll updates to keep competitive play interesting. Now, Age of Sigmar will be getting a brand new battlebox.

In an official post on Warhammer-Community, Games Workshop gave further details about this new Age of Sigmar battlebox, Fury of the Deep. in the broadest strokes, it features two armies, the Idoneth Deepkin are escalating their raids against a coastal stronghold called Ryftmar. Said stronghold is controlled by the Fyreslayers. Leading the Deepkin is a new character called an Akhelian Marauder, while the Fyreslayers have a new Auric Flamekeeper.

An image of the Idoneth and Fyreslayer armies as shown in the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Fury of the Deep battlebox
A battle of salt and soot indeed. Image Credit: Games Workshop

The Fury of the Deep battlebox will include 43 miniatures. These include the Flamekeeper, 10 Vulkite Berzerkers, 5 Auric Hearthguard, and 5 Hearthguard Berzerkers. As for the Idoneth, their numbers include 10 Namarti Thralls, 10 Namarti Reavers, and an Akhelian Allopex. In addition, you'll get a 40-page booklet containing all the background on the war over Ryftmar, rules for a new Aqshyan Region of War called the Vitriolus Reach, and three battle plans covering the events of the raids. Finally, there will be a 56-page version of the core rulebook, warscroll cards for the miniatures, and tokens to help players keep track of their Command Points. If you have never played Age of Sigmar before and want an accessible, out of the box experience, Fury of the Deep has you covered.

As of this writing, there is no further information on the Fury of the Deep battlebox. Aside from a vague release date of 2022, there is no pre-order page. Nevertheless, if you are an Age of Sigmar player who plays either Fyreslayers or Idoneth, this is a battlebox to keep an eye on.


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