Munchkin Ducktales Brings Door Kicking Action to the Disney Universe

Published: July 12, 2019 11:00 AM /


munchkin ducktales

Munchkin Ducktales (a-WOO-oo) has been announced by Steve Jackson games. This newest licensed property will be bringing all of the chaos of their Munchkin ruleset to the classic world of Scrooge McDuck and the fine citizens of Duckberg.

If you're a tabletop gamer and you've never played Munchkin, you should hang your head in shame for missing out on a fantastic card game. While every Munchkin game is different — there are numerous expansions — they all follow a relatively similar set of rules.

Players are each given a handful of cards that can be used to power-up their character or hinder their opponents. A card from the "door" deck is drawn and an encounter with an enemy is resolved. If successful, the player levels up and collects some treasure. If the player fails, they have to either run away or suffer the consequences of Bad Stuff. Bad Stuff can range from losing one or two items to dying and losing everything, depending on the monster that the player is fighting. Whoever reaches Level 10 first wins!

Part of the appeal lies in more than just the base game rules. Munchkin games are usually compatible with one another, so you could theoretically have an elven ninja vampire with a katana in one hand, a machine gun in the other hand, and a boxing glove on yet another hand that you've somehow managed to acquire. Also, it's a boatload of fun to screw over your friends at a critical moment.

The OP reports that the classic Disney IP Ducktales will be getting the Munchkin treatment, allowing you and your friends to have some fun adventures in Duckberg while screwing each other over for fun and profit. D-D-D-danger lurks behind you, so make sure you're wearing the best equipment that you can get your hands on!

Here's what you'll get in the box with Munchkin Ducktales:

  • 168 Cards
  • 6 Role Cards
  • 6 Trackers
  • 1 Die
  • Rules
If this sounds like your kind of jam, you should be seeing this game pop up at retailers everywhere sometime soon at a suggested price of $24.99 or your regional equivalent. No firm release date has been announced. You can learn more about the game by checking out The OP.

Are you going to pick up Munchkin Ducktales? What other IP do you think would be a good fit for the Munchkin ruleset? Let us know in the comments below!