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Published: February 14, 2023 3:54 PM /


Promo image of the Codex of Worlds supplement for Monster of the Week

Tabletop fans have most likely heard of Evil Hat Productions' Monster of the Week. As the name implies, this urban fantasy TTRPG lets players explore a version of our world where monsters roam, traveling from place to place and protecting people from what lies in the dark. The game uses the award-winning Powered by the Apocalypse system, drawing heavy inspiration from various horror films, both modern and classic, and the TV series Supernatural. Now, a new crowdfunding campaign for a new expansion to the game, Codex of Worlds, has gone live. It was fully funded one hour later.

The Monster of the Week: Codex of Worlds crowdfunding campaign

According to the official Backerkit campaign, Codex of Worlds adds over 400 pages of new material for both players and keepers to Monster of the Week. The book contains new allies, moves, and 15 new Team Playbooks. Highlights include the self-explanatory Interdimensional Crisis Team and the Last Survivors: A group made up of those who escaped monster attacks in the past. As for Keepers, five brand-new setting frameworks are included. These include the Witcher-esque Monster Marches, the terror of the 19th century found in the apt Gothic Century, and Bone Spear: a land of monsters set during the Stone Age. The campaign also includes several stretch goals which include an ePub version of the books and a prewritten mystery, The Broken Door written by co-creator Michael Sands.

Promo artwork of new setting frameworks from Monster of the Week's Codex of Worlds supplement
So where to go? When to go?

The different pledge levels for the Codex of Worlds campaign are as follows:

  • PDF + POD for $20: A PDF copy of Codex of Worlds, immediate access to a quick start module on Roll20, access to prototype PDFs, a purchase code for an at-cost softcover print-on-demand copy of Codex of Worlds, PDFs of all funded stretch goals. and a Community copy of Codex of Worlds.
  • Roll20 Bundle for $40: Everything in the PDF + POD level as well as a Roll20 Module and Compendium bundle.
  • Hardcover + PDF for $40: A physical hardcover copy of Codex of Worlds plus a PDF.
  • Hardcover + Roll20 Bundle for $75: A hardcover of the book plus everything in the Roll20 Bundle level.
  • New Book Bundle for $80: A physical copy and PDF of both Codex of Worlds and Monster of the Week, plus everything from the PDF + POD level.
  • Mega Monster Bundle for $150: A physical copy and PDF for Monster of the Week, the Tome of Mysteries supplement, and Codex of Worlds, as well as everything from the Roll20 Bundle and PDF + POD level.

 Within one hour of the campaign going live, Codex of Worlds reached its crowdfunding goal of $30,000. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised $49,420. The campaign will end on March 14.

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