Monster Hunter Board Game Kickstarter On Last Day

Published: April 29, 2021 3:45 PM /


A layout of what will be included in Monster Hunter Board Game

Sharpen up those weapons, Hunters. Steamforged Games' Kickstarter for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game has entered the final day of its campaign.

As the name implies, the game is heavily based on Capcom's Monster Hunter World. It is a co-op board game where you and several friends team up to hunt the series' iconic monsters. You then forge increasingly powerful weapons and armor from the monster's body parts, then use them to take on greater monsters. The game sports over 600 unique cards, a massive game board, a quest book to allow for more structured missions or simple choose-your-own-adventure set ups, and four Hunters with the Great Sword, Bow, Sword and Shield, and Dual Blade weapons. But the biggest draws are the highly detailed unpainted models of the series' monsters, including the fiery Rathalos and the electrifying Tobi-Kodachi.


The Kickstarter Campaign does include several bonuses for backers. In addition to exclusive monsters with the Kulu-Ya Ku and the terrifying Teostra, continuous Log-In Rewards have been added to all of the game's pledges. Recently, this pledge included a Poogie figure, an adorable dressed-up pig that the hunters can pet and love between hunts. As for whether or not petting the Poogie guarantees successful hunts is still up to debate among more superstitious players

A close up look of the Rathalos miniature with a Health Sheet nearby
Really puts into perspective how complex this game is behind the scenes.

As of right now, the campaign for Monster Hunter World: The Board Game has been a stellar success. It has earned over $4 million dollars compared to its requested amount of roughly $210,000. Furthermore, the campaign includes multiple expansions to include more Hunter weapons, environments, and more powerful endgame monsters to fight. The aforementioned Log-In Rewards include alternate models for the Hunter figures and figures and character sheets for Palicos, the game's helpful cat warriors.

Considering Steamforged Games' work on major licensed games in past including Devil May Cry and the Dark Souls series, if you're a fan of Monster Hunter you are already a backer. If you haven't and this seems interesting at all, the clock is ticking.



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