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Published: December 23, 2020 11:36 AM /


Santa and the winner in a round of Reindeer Games

Coup designer Rikki Tahta and his MeetMax team are giving away a free copy of digital board game Reindeer Games "for throughout the holidays". Reindeer Games is a game for 3-10 players and is available on a web browser with no external app download required.

What is Reindeer Games?

According to Tahta and MeetMax, Reindeer Games is "simple enough for the whole family" but interactive and tactical enough to be engaging. Rounds take around 30 minutes to play, and you won't need to read the rules before you begin, as the game is set up to teach you as you play. Naturally, Reindeer Games can be played either all together in one location or remotely across Zoom or Skype. If you need detailed instructions on how to play Reindeer Games across a remote connection, you can find it here. The trailer for Reindeer Games gives a bit of an impression as to how the game works, and you can see it here:

If you do want to read the rules before you begin, you can do so right here. In essence, your objective is to accumulate presents and not to accumulate coal. Reindeer race around a track, and you can feed them various foods to make them faster or slower. Everyone can play regardless of skill level; all you need to do is plan what foods to feed the reindeer, then watch the race play out to see who wins. Whoever accumulates the most presents at the end of a game wins, but you will also need a low amount of coal.

The start of a race in Reindeer Games
Reindeer Games is all about pitting reindeer against one another in races.

If you do enjoy the game, MeetMax is asking you to make a small donation to Dublin's St James Primary School. Many of the kids at this school come from disadvantaged homes and backgrounds, and right now, they're unable to access the school due to COVID-19. MeetMax says it's "trying to help every child at St James Primary School receive a tablet" so they can get access to their school.

You can grab your free copy of Reindeer Games right here. It's worth noting that MeetMax says it's currently emailing out requests for codes manually, as it hasn't automated registration yet. As such, there might be a delay, so make sure you request your code promptly. If you haven't received your copy of Reindeer Games within 12 hours of requesting it, you can email them here

For an FAQ - including whether the game will work on smart TVs and why it might be running slowly - check out the official MeetMax website. If you like Reindeer Games, MeetMax's other games - Scape Goat and Kodama Forest - are available to try for free on Tabletopia.

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