Matthew Mercer Leads Dimension 20: The Ravening War, Prequel To A Crown of Candy

The teasing is over as we receive our first trailer for @Dimension20Show The Ravening War. Matthew Mercer leads the Intrepid Heroes through a prequel to the popular 'Game of Thrones meets Candyland' campaign Crown of Candy #Dimension20

Published: April 19, 2023 1:35 PM /


The promotional artwork for Dimension20 The Ravening War showing the logo, DM Matt Mercer, and five players

The fairy tale horror season of Dimension 20: Neverafter has just come to a close and with that, a new story is about to unfold in the Dome. Dimension 20: The Ravening War is a prequel set 20 years before the events of A Crown of Candy, a season of Dimension 20 set in a world where the land is divided across six kingdoms each based on a different part of the food pyramid. Matthew Mercer (Critical Role, Legends of Vox Machina) is taking over from Brennan Lee Mulligan to tell a new story set in the distant past in The Ravening War.

Say hi to our Intrepid Heroes as the first full trailer for Dimension 20: The Ravening War has been released. Accompanying DM Matt Mercer are the five Intrepid Heroes on this journey. Brennan Lee Mulligan (Dimension 20, Worlds Beyond Number), Lou Wilson (Dimension 20, Worlds Beyond Number), Zac Oyama (Dimension 20, Not Another D&D Podcast), Aabria Iyengar (Dimension 20, Worlds Beyond Number), and Ms. Marvel's Anjali Bhimani. While some are new to the world of Calorum Brennan Lee Mulligan, Lou Wilson, and Zac Oyama will be returning from the original season. Just like the original season, The Ravening War will also be using the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition game system.

  • Anjali Bhimani (She / Her) as Lady Amangeaux Epicée du Peche (She / Her)
  • Aabria Iyengar (She / Her) as Karna Solara (She / Her)
  • Zac Oyama (He / Him) as Colin Provolone (He / Him)
  • Lou Wilson (He / Him) as Thane Delissandro Katzon (He / Him)
  • Brennan Lee Mulligan (He / Him) as Bishop Raphaniel Charlock (He / Him)

This announcement comes almost a year after Brennan Lee Mulligan, the usual GM for Dimension 20, stepped into the world of Critical Role to run a limited series Exandria Unlimited: Calamity, a prequel event set in Exandria. Now it seems Matthew Mercer is returning the favor.

Some additional information on this season of Dimension 20 is that there will be 6 episodes in total, and there is an "in-dome" Adventuring Party episode to accompany each episode of The Ravening War. As these Adventuring Party episodes were filmed directly after the episodes filming there will be no Q&A portion.

Dimension 20: The Ravening War will begin premiering on Dropout on Wednesday, May 10th at 7 pm ET with a new episode releasing every subsequent Wednesday. For those who are interested in seeing the first episode, it will be released for free via the Dimension20 YouTube channel a week later on May 17th

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