Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis Debuts The X-Men

Fantasy Flight Games have announced their fifth major expansion for their living card game, Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis, the expansion finally brings the X-Men, as well as their villains.

Published: May 19, 2022 2:35 PM /


Box art of Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis

Fans of Marvel's superheroes have had plenty to enjoy lately at their gaming table. The Marvel Crisis Protocol miniatures game has been receiving constant updates. There are Marvel spin-offs of certain games such as Marvel Villainous. There is even playtest materials for an official TTRPG in the wild. Now, there is the announcement that Marvel Champions, Fantasy Flight Games' living card game, will be receiving its fifth expansion: Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis. As the name implies, the expansion will mark the debut of the X-Men, as well as their most iconic villains.

What Scenarios Are In Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis?

The announcement of Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis came from an official post on Fantasy Flight Games' website. This expansion will contain five brand new narrative scenarios. Each of these scenarios can be played separately or all together as part of a larger campaign. Those scenarios in question include protecting anti-mutant activist Senator Kelly from an attack by Sabretooth, fighting off the threat of the Sentinels including their leader Master Mold. Finally, it just wouldn't be an X-Men story without at least one battle against Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants, including Toad, Blob, Avalanche, and Pyro.

What Heroes Are In Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis?

But Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis also includes two brand new playable members of the X-Men. Those two members are Shadowcat and Colossus, which both come with their own pre-built decks. Colossus is an armored powerhouse with the uncanny ability to have an extra tough status effect on his identity. This lets him resist more enemy attacks. In addition, he can spend this status effect like a resource to fuel some of his cards. An example is his Made of Rage card, which adds +6 to his attack power and grants overkill if he discards a status effect. Alternatively, Shadowcat is a more aggressive hero. Her Selective Intangibility allows her to ignore guard for her attacks, which can pair with other cards in her deck like Acute Control or Intangible Interference.

A handful of playing cards featuring the X-Men
Image Credit: Fantasy Flight Games

How Will Fantasy Flight Support Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis?

If it seems that Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis is a little thin when it comes to bringing the X-Men to this game, Fantasy Flight Games did confirm that additional hero packs were on the way. The post ends with them teasing the release of both a Phoenix and Cyclops hero pack as well as "all the X-Men that come after them." This is part of the studio's long-term support for the living card game with major expansions introducing new villains and scenarios with smaller hero packs later on to supplement them. This was also done at the release of their last expansion, Sinister Motives, followed by additional hero packs featuring Sp//dr and Spider-Ham respectively.

Marvel Champions Mutant Genesis is available for pre-order right now for $44.99. It will release September 30.

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