Mantic Games announces Star Saga: The Eiras Contract

Published: September 19, 2016 12:34 PM /



Mantic Games announced the upcoming Kickstarter crowdfunding for Star Saga: The Eiras Contract, the spiritual successor to their popular game Dungeon Saga, in a recent email announcement. Taking their dungeon crawler formula used in Dungeon Saga and moving into the Warpath universe, Star Saga will focus on a team of mercenaries sent into a remote station orbiting an alien world to retrieve research information vital to their employers. A wide array of enemies will do their best to thwart the players with waves of minions and strange alien boss battles as well. The game will also follow an overall narrative, forcing players to make hard choices throughout the game in order to secure their objective.

The company has also promised additional campaigns and expansions for Star Saga as well, showing a large degree of dedication and support already in the works to keep the game vibrant and fresh for its fans. While the announcement was short on specifics for the future content, Mantic Games has alluded to moving the storyline for the game forward by adding in campaigns set on additional space stations, starships, and even alien worlds.

In order to help bring in new players to Star Saga (and hopefully other game systems by Mantic) the game will include a quick start guide to ease them into the system alongside more advanced rules for veterans of Mantic game systems, ensuring both fresh-faced newbies and battle-hardened veterans will be able to jump in at whatever level they feel comfortable with.

Games like Dungeon Saga and Star Saga are becoming more popular with both gamers and studios as a way to bridge the gap between tabletop wargames and traditional board games. Wargames tend to have a very steep initial investment in both time and money, which can turn off potential players. Using smaller, more traditional style board games as an introduction can allay those initial feelings of trepidation while still serving as an excellent introduction to the game world as a whole.

The Kickstarter campaign for Star Saga: The Eiras Contract is set to launch on September 26th at 8:30AM EST.

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