Magic Secret Lair Extra Life 2021 Revealed

Wizards of the Coast have revealed the latest Secret Lair for Magic The Gathering in collaboration with the fundraising event Extra Life.

Published: October 20, 2021 4:51 PM /


The Extra Life 2021 logo with the signatures of from those working at Wizards of the Coast surrounding it

The world of collectible card games helped give back to the community recently in their own special way. Wizards of the Coast have revealed details about their latest release: Magic Secret Lair Extra Life 2021.

For those not aware, Extra Life was formed in 2008, and is an event where multiple gaming groups from the entire community come together to support the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Wizards of the Coast have been a part of these charity events, their Dungeons and Dragons team working with them since 2013 and their Magic The Gathering team since 2015 respectively. They have collectively raised over $3 million since for various hospitals in the CMNH since.

This year, in addition to various charity streams and Extra Life merchandise, Wizards of the Coast have revealed a special Secret Lair for their iconic card game, Magic: The Gathering. A Secret Lair usually contains alternate versions of cards done by guest artists, or have characters from other properties crossover and represented as Magic cards - for example, Stranger Things. Half of all sales of the Magic Secret Lair Extra Life 2021 will be going to Extra Life, with all of Wizards' donations going to support the Autism Center at Seattle Children's Hospital.

The Magic Card Craterhoof Behemoth drawn by a child
The goofy smile and long tongue are adorable.

That last detail is important once you see what is in the Magic Secret Lair 2021. Put simply, the Secret Lair for Extra Life 2021 contains two alternate artwork cards of iconic creatures from Magic The Gathering: Mulldrifter, Craterhoof Behemoth, and Metalwork Colossus. But the artists for the first alternate look aren't professional artists, they're children, two of whom are from Seattle's Autism Center. Each child was given a blank whiteboard, some crayons, and the name of the creature they had to draw. Being extremely creative individuals, they took to the assignment with passion, and now that artwork can grace your games going forward. Flavor text was also based on discussion with the children.

A children's art version of the card Mulldrifter
This is adorable.

The second alternate art is where things go from adorable to amazing. Taking the outline of what the children drew, professional artists Magali Villeneuve, Lars Grant-West, and Chris Rahn painted and fleshed out the sketches into gorgeous works of art. The results are truly staggering.

The Magic card Metalwork Colossus drawn by a child
The creativity on display warms the heart.

The Magic Secret Lair Extra Life 2021  will be available for pre-order on Wizard's website starting November 5 at 9 AM PT through November 8 at 9 AM PT. It will be available in non-foil for $39.99 as well as traditional foil for $49.99

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