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In this story from 2016, our writer looks at some Kaladesh set preview cards for Magic: The Gathering.

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A Magic: The Gathering character from Kaladesh wearing glowing arm equipment

Today is the eighth official day of Wizards of the Coast's spoiler season for the newest Magic: The Gathering set, Kaladesh, and we will be covering all of today's spoilers in another article as we usually do. This article is specifically for TechRaptor's own preview cards.

That's right, for the first time, TechRaptor has received Magic: The Gathering preview cards from Wizards of the Coast to share not only with our own readers but with the Magic: The Gathering community at large as well.

Kaladesh is a plane filled with aether, the energy that resides in the Blind Eternities, which separates the various planes of the Magic: The Gathering multiverse. On Kaladesh, the use of aether is carefully regulated by the Consulate in order to prevent its misuse (although some would argue that the Consulate is corrupt, and trampling on the personal rights of citizens).

Regardless of whether the Consulate is in the right or not, many Artificers still create wondrous works of art utilizing aether, and the Inventors' Fair is generating quite the buzz in Ghirapur.

Artificers such as this guy, the Experimental Aviator.

Experimental Aviator; Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, Kaladesh, TechRaptor preview cards

Experimental Aviator is just one of the many Kaladeshian inventors that flock (quite literally) to the Inventors' Fair, hoping to display their skills and prowess with aether and artifices.

While Experimental Aviator is a little tough to get onto your battlefield at three generic and two Blue mana, he does also bring a couple of his inventions, the ever-useful Thopters, to keep him company.

Of course, artificers need to observe proper safety regulations when crafting their masterpieces; even though the risk of danger is low with the ban on pyromancy, accidents can still happen. To that end, artificers employ protective gear and equipment to make sure their work goes as quickly and painless as well.

For example, the Torch Gauntlet, a hand-mountable device that allows for proper welding with aether while reducing the risk of accidents artificers might face as they craft.

It also has a neat bonus by providing its wearer with a +2/+0 boost to its power and toughness. It's perhaps not as glamorous as what will be on display at the Inventors' Fair, but it's still an integral part of the experience.

Torch Gauntlet; Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, Kaladesh, TechRaptor preview cards

Speaking of the Inventors' Fair...what will be on display there to be judged by its illustrious Head Judge Tezzeret? While a good deal of the inventions are grand, making massive strides in the use of aether and creative expression, some are simpler, reflecting the love artificers have for their work.

Prophetic Prism is one such invention, and while its effects are humble, it's still a great expression of its artificer's respect for their work. When it enters the battlefield, you get to draw a card and you can use it to filter mana into any color you need.

Prophetic Prism; Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, TechRaptor, Kaladesh, TechRaptor preview cards

Other inventions are just as creative, while also being rather more ... esoteric in nature, as is the case with Perpetual Timepiece. Those who stop to appreciate its beauty will have to watch that they don't lose track of time...or their own libraries, as Perpetual Timepiece has the ability to mill its own owner's library into their graveyard.

Never fear, though, as you can shuffle what you want from your graveyard into your library simply by paying 2 colorless mana and exiling Perpetual Timepiece from play.

Perpetual Timepiece; Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, Kaladesh, TechRaptor preview cards

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for continuing coverage on Kaladesh and all things Magic: The Gathering. And don't forget to invent your!

What are your thoughts on our preview cards from Wizards of the Coast? Do you look forward to using them once Kaladesh has been released? Let us know in the comment section below.

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