Magic The Gathering Phyrexian Update Has Started Rolling Out

Starting with Magic: The Gathering Online, the Phyrexian creature type is beginning to change creature type lines

Published: June 4, 2021 4:15 PM /


Artwork of the Phyrexian monster Sheoldred

Magic The Gathering fans, some crucial information just slipped out regarding the Phyrexian Update coming to the game.

Announced earlier this year, after the appearance of Vorinclex in Kaldheim, the Phyrexian Update was undated but would add the Phyrexian creature type to those creatures that needed it. Now, we can see its quite close following an update to Magic: The Gathering Online. Several players noted that a large portion of cards, about 250 in total, were changed to include the creature type "Phyrexia" either on the type line, or in reference to tokens. Cards affected include Inkmoth Nexus, Wurmcoil Engine, Batterskull, Blade Slicer, Spellskite, and Blightsteel Colossus from Scars of Mirrodin block, but it also goes back to early days of Magic like Antiquities. The only cards not affected by this change appear to be cards that have popped up in other sets with no strong ties to Phyrexia, such as Beast Within and Consecrated Sphinx.

Beyond Magic: The Gathering Online this has also been seen with the new version of Living weapon in Modern Horizons 2, which will be errataed onto older cards in the future. The only change is that instead of Germ tokens, the Living weapon mechanic now makes Phyrexian Germ creature tokens.

It's not Batterskull but it will have to do.

It is likely that a whole announcement post for this will be coming Monday, discussing it and showing both the Magic: The Gathering Online cards impacted, and cards not on MTGO. As of now, the update hasn't been pushed to the Gatherer, creating an odd disagreement between the two databases for a period. In fact, you can take a headstart on doing Phyrexian tribal on Magic: The Gathering Online.

If you want to look at what has been impacted on MTGO, you can check out images here, here, and here.

Are you looking forward to Phyrexian tribal? What do you think of this errata impacting hundreds of cards? Let us know in the comments below.

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