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Conspiracy: Take the Crown hits the streets and your local game store, and we get our first look at the upcoming Kaladesh Set.

Published: August 26, 2016 11:50 AM /


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Greetings, TechRaptor readers and fellow Magic: The Gathering fans! Today Conspiracy: Take the Crown hits the streets and your local game store. If you missed our coverage, you can check it out here - there are some absolutely amazing cards in this set, and we're looking forward to taking part in some fun draft events.

Today, we'll be looking at some news from Wizards of the Coast, regarding the seventy-second Magic: The Gathering expansion, Kaladesh, as well as some news on upcoming Friday Night Magic promotional cards and the Magic World Championship.

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The Kaladesh set and block were originally announced back in May, with no information given other than it would feature a new Planeswalker named Saheeli Rai, and would potentially have mechanics centered around artifacts. Players have since speculated that the set would feature the "Rigger" creature sub-type, as well as "Contraptions", both of which are found on the Future Sight card Steamflogger Boss. As the Future Sight set and Time Spiral block featured "time shifted" cards referencing mechanics, abilities, and creature types from Magic: The Gathering sets yet-to-come, many thought Kaladesh would be the perfect set for Steamflogger Boss and related cards to make an appearance.

Sadly, Head Designer Mark Rosewater has left no doubt that Kaladesh will not feature Contraptions or Rigger-type creatures, to the disappointment of many hopeful players. As a consolation of sorts, Rosewater has confirmed that not only will Kaladesh contain a mechanic that has been years in the making, but Kaladesh will also contain only new mechanics, sparking much discussion and speculation on Magic: The Gathering forums.

In other news, the Wizards of the Coast homepage has updated the Friday Night Magic promotional card list to include November's promo, Fiery Temper, a common-rarity Shadows Over Innistrad card which is frequently seen in Standard Madness decks.

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Additionally, Wizards of the Coast has released the roster for the upcoming 2016 Magic World Championship event, in which twenty-four pro players fight for $70,000 in three different formats across four days of play. This will, notably, be the first tournament held since long-time Magic: The Gathering commentator Randy Buehler retired from event coverage; it will be interesting to see what post-Buehler coverage looks like, and what his departure has on the standards thereof.

Next week we'll be reviewing Conspiracy: Take the Crown, so if you happen to take part in any draft events at your local game store make sure to let us know what you thought about the set.

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for further news on the upcoming Kaladesh set, and all things Magic: The Gathering.

Are you looking forward to the Kaladesh set and the new mechanics? Going to take part in Conspiracy: Take the Crown drafts this weekend? Let us know in the comment section below.

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