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Magic The Gathering Amonkhet

With the Kaladesh spoiler season soon upon us, we turn today to some announcements from Wizards of the Coast, concerning upcoming products and sets for the 2017 Magic: The Gathering line - including Modern Masters 2017, and the Egyptian-themed Amonkhet.

Magic: The Gathering will be returning to the Archenemy product line with Archenemy: Nicol Bolas. In this casual multiplayer set (MSRP $59.99), three players team up to take on the mythic, God-like dragon Planeswalker Nicol Bolas. It's important to note that this product will contain no new cards, and will not be available on Magic: The Gathering Online. Archenemy: Nicol Bolas releases June 16, 2017.

Next up is the third set in the Modern Masters reprint line, Modern Masters 2017, which will feature cards from the original Innistrad block, as well as Return to Ravnica. Booster packs will have an MSRP of $9.99, and the limited production run set will release on March 17, 2017 (with the Magic: The Gathering Online version releasing on March 23, 2017). No information on chase cards or what players should expect to find in Modern Masters 2017 has been given at this time.

Additionally, once the Kaladesh block concludes with the release of Aether Revolt on January 30, 2017, we'll be venturing to the Egyptian-themed plane of Amonkhet, where Nicol Bolas rules on high. Amonkhet will be split into two sets: Amonkhet, which releases on April 28, 2017; and Hour of Devastation, which releases on July 14, 2017. Aside from the theme and that the block will feature Nicol Bolas in some fashion, no other information is available at this time.

Similar to the upcoming Planeschase: Anthology, and the prior Duel Decks: Anthology, Wizards of the Coast has announced a Commander: Anthology product for release on June 09, 2017. This product (MSRP $164.99) will feature four previous Commander/EDH decks - Heavenly Inferno, Evasive Maneuvers, Guided by Nature, and Plunder the Graves - in one convenient case, along with special spin-down die, and any tokens the decks require.

Finally, Wizards of the Coast will release a new Duel Deck product, Duel Deck: Mind vs Might, on March 31, 2017. There is no information on what either of the decks will contain at the time of writing this article.

This Friday TechRaptor staff be taking an in-depth look at Wizards of the Coasts newest set, Conspiracy: Take the Crown, and see what it has to offer to Magic: The Gathering players.

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for all your Magic: The Gathering news and product details.

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