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Magic: The Gathering - Eldritch Moon Spoilers 06/24

Published: June 24, 2016 7:29 PM



Following our last article on the new Emrakul card, new information was made available on Eldritch Moon, the upcoming conclusion to Magic: The Gathering's Shadows Over Innistrad block.


First, a new Liliana card was possibly confirmed by a Brazilian Eldritch Moon promotional poster. Aside from the potential name of the card - Liliana, the Last Hope - there is no further information available on the card's abilities, nor has Wizards of the Coast commented on the existence of the card.

Five new cards were spoiled following Emrakul, the first of which is Ulrich, a werewolf who was referred to in the original Innistrad block, but never saw his own card.  His front side gives a buff to a target creature until the end of the players turn; when the right conditions are met, Ulrich turns into his werewolf form, allowing him to fight a non-werewolf creature that the opponent controls. 


Ulrich from Magic: The Gathering's Eldritch Moon

The second card to have been spoiled is a very interesting Eldrazi spell called Coax from the Blind Eternities, which allows players to wish for Eldrazi spells that are either in exile, or from outside the game (such as in your sideboard).


Coax from the Blind Eternities from Magic: The Gathering's Eldritch Moon

Next to be spoiled was an Eldrazi flip-card, featuring a vastly changed Hanweir Township, which seems to have become a Cronenberg-esque amalgamation of the township and it's inhabitants.  At the time of writing this article, information about the front-side of this card is unavailable.

Hanweir, the Writhing Township from Magic: The Gathering's Eldritch Moon

The fourth card to be spoiled is also the card players receive when they take part in the Buy a Box promotional event.  Thalia, Heretical Cathar (translation credit to mtgsalvation poster AlexTouchdown) delays creatures and non-basic land cards your opponent plays by forcing them to enter play tapped, while being a reasonable combatant as a 3/2 First Strike creature.


Thalia, Heretical Cathar from Magic: The Gathering's Eldritch Moon

Finally, Identity Supplanter (translated by mtgsalvation user Flappy) allows a player to exile a creature from the battlefield for a period when it attacks and have Identity Supplanter become a clone of it until the end of turn when the original returns taking its identity back.

Identity Supplanter, from Magic: The Gathering's Eldritch Moon

In additional news, Wizards of the Coast has released the details of the prerelease event kits on their homepage.  Prerelease events allow players to experience new Magic: The Gathering sets before the official release date and usually have different prize structures than regular events like Friday Night Magic.  Like the previous sets since the changes to the block structure, the Eldritch Moon prerelease kit (seen below) will contain four packs of the new set, two packs of Shadows Over Innistrad, a special promotional version of any rare or mythic rarity card from Eldritch Moon, and a "spin-down" D20 life tracker. 


Magic: The Gathering's Eldritch Moon prerelease kits

The prerelease kit will also contain a foil double-sided zombie token, which may be a nod to the Helvault promotion from Dark Ascension, the second set in the previous Innistrad block, which also had special tokens.

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What are your thoughts on the cards that have been spoiled thus far?  How do you think the set compares to Shadows Over Innistrad?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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