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Published: August 22, 2016 11:42 PM /


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Greetings, TechRaptor readers and fellow Magic: The Gathering fans! It’s Monday, August 22, and the final day of spoiler season just passed us for Conspiracy: Take the Crown. Make sure to check out Friday's spoilers (posted on Saturday) if you're just joining us.


Today, the full spoiler list for Conspiracy: Take the Crown was posted by Wizards of the Coast, completing where we left off on Friday. If you happened to catch coverage of any of the special preview draft events held by Games Laboratory and other local game stores, then you already know the majority of the cards that were spoiled in today's full listing.

While we can't go over all of the spoilers from today in detail, we will discuss a few interesting new cards, as well as some notable reprints.

One of the best received reprints is Show and Tell,  part of the titular Legacy Sneak Show deck, as well as Legacy OmniTell. When Sneak Attack appeared in spoilers for Eternal Masters, many players anticipated seeing Show and Tell and were disappointed when it didn't make the cut. In both decks, Show and Tell is used to cheat either a large creature like Emrakul, the Aeons Torn or Progenitus, or an expensive Enchantment like Omniscience into play.

Another interesting reprint is Ghostly Prison, which sees play in the Prison deck Modern Pillow Fort. Cards like Ghostly Prison are used to keep opponents from either making full use of attackers, or from preventing them from using combat tricks/counter spells. In a multiplayer-focused format like Conspiracy: Take the Crown, having even a single copy of Ghostly Prison on the battlefield allows you to control the flow of the game; multiple copies completely lock your opponents out.

Show and Tell; Magic: The Gathering, Conspiracy: Take the CrownGhostly Prison; Magic: The Gathering, Conspiracy: Take the Crown

Regicide is an interesting destruction spell that, depending on what colors the players on your left and right chose, can either be amazingly effective or completely useless as a destruction spell (while still giving information about what colors those players are drafting). If you have a multitude of monarch-matters cards, Throne of the High City can be an effective mana-sink during the late game to make the most of them. Finally, if you have a large number of Creature cards with the same converted mana cost in your deck, you could make use of the conspiracy Emissary's Ploy to fix your mana and make them easier to cast.


Regicide; Magic: The Gathering, Conspiracy: Take the CrownThrone of the High City; Magic: The Gathering, Conspiracy: Take the CrownEmissary's Ploy: Magic: The Gathering, Conspiracy: Take the Crown

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for the upcoming Conspiracy: Take the Crown set review, and news on all things Magic: The Gathering.


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