Magic The Gathering Card Prices Are Going Up

Wizards of the Coast have officially announced that in response to the rising cost of goods that the prices for their various Magic The Gathering card packs will be going up.

Published: April 19, 2022 4:20 PM /


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The world of tabletop gaming has faced many problems these past few years. In addition to the sea freight shipping crisis leading to exponential increases in fees and delays, the cost of production has increased for multiple tabletop developers. Wizards of the Coast is no different, which is why they will be increasing Magic The Gathering card prices going forward.

The announcement for these increased Magic The Gathering card prices came from Wizards' website. The post states, "We've worked hard to keep Draft Boosters—and later Set Boosters and Collector Boosters—at a relatively consistent price across our premier sets—the four major yearly releases that affect the Standard format—for as long as we were able. However, the price to produce Magic: The Gathering has increased significantly, and we've especially seen an uptick in the costs to produce, manufacture, and ship Magic around the world in the past year."

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How Much is the Magic: The Gathering Booster Price Increase?

So just how much are Magic The Gathering card prices changing? According to the post, the prices will be increasing 11% on average across booster packs for all premiere sets, as well as other 'normally priced' sets. This will include Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, Collector Boosters, and Bundles. In addition, JumpStart Booster Packs will be affected by these prices. The changes will take affect in September, which means the first sets to be impacted will be Dominara United, and Unfinity, which will release at higher booster prices then past sets. Additionally other sets currently in print at that time, will also have their price raised.

As for how much an 11% increase will affect your purchases, it depends on what you buy, and where you buy. Using a quick and dirty method of just adding 11% (this won't work precisely as stores do their own pricing, and whats increasing is Wizard's cost to those stores) a single Draft Booster pack at $3.95 will see an increase of $0.04. A single Collector Booster would potentially see $1.40 added to a $12.99 price tag. However, a Draft Booster Box's price, for example Kamigawa Neon Dynasty currently set at $104.43 on Amazon, will possibly have $11.40 added on (so if you want any of these boxes, buy them before September). This pricing increase will affect Commander decks as well, albeit with the release of New Capenna rather than in July. This amounts to an extra $4.55 to a $40 price tag.

There are a few exceptions to these increasing Magic The Gathering card prices. First, the prices of prerelease packs will remain the same, so pre-release events won't cost any more to play in. Second, Magic The Gathering's more alternative card sets that already generally cost more per booster such as: Masters, Modern Horizons, Secret Lairs, Challenger Decks, and Universes Beyond, will not be affected. The new prices for premier set and similar boosters and JumpStart will go into effect this September. The increases to Commander decks will go into effect alongside the release of the Streets of New Capenna set.

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