Magic The Gathering Artwork of Upcoming Card Auctioned For $65,000

05/14/2021 - 15:45 | By: Tyler Chancey
A Venerable Dragon's Hoard

In an unexpected case of art appreciation, the original art print of a beloved Dungeons and Dragons icon, Tiamat, is being sold by the artist in an auction.

In a Facebook post on the MtG Art Market group, Mark Aronowitz posted that he was helping artist Chris Rahn auction off the art print for a Magic: The Gathering card. The big deal is that this artwork is for the five-headed dragon god, Tiamat, a major staple of Dungeons and Dragons making its debut as part of an upcoming crossover set titled Dungeons and Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms.

Given that the artwork is for a Magic The Gathering card, the art print itself is gloriously detailed. The print itself is measured at 24 x 30 and is oil painted on cradled masonite, which means this particular print is built to last. Bidding began on Wednesday May 12th with the opening bid at $999 with $100 minimum raises. If no bids are made after ten minutes, the auction concludes. If a bid is made within that time frame, the auction is extended for ten minutes. On top of that, if you have no references or past purchases on record with the group, you'll have to have a ten percent deposit on hand to show you're good for the purchase.

The Tiamat Magic The Gathering Card
Yeah I think I'll just get this instead of an auction

As of this morning, the auction is still ongoing with the total bid at $65,000. In a way, this seems like a perfect storm for tabletop gaming fans and collectors alike. To have artwork of such a major icon of Dungeons and Dragons painted with the talent and skill we've come to expect from artists for Magic The Gathering, it makes this particular art print one of a kind for gaming fans of all stripes. Thankfully, you don't need to break the bank to just buy the card itself when it arrives later this July.

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