Magic: The Gathering - Aether Revolt Inventions

Published: December 24, 2016 5:16 PM /


Aether Revolt Inventions

With just a day left until Christmas, Wizards of the Coast delighted fans by gifting them with a very special present - the (almost) complete list and artwork for the Aether Revolt Inventions, the next iteration of the Masterpiece Series. Aether Revolt Inventions is a special collection of Magic: The Gathering cards which will be released alongside and rarely within Aether Revolt booster packs, but aren't a part of the set proper.

The Masterpiece Series, which officially began with the Kaladesh Inventions and retroactively includes the Zendikar Expeditions, is Wizards of the Coast's attempt at providing players with reprints of highly sought-after cards without putting them in sets where they stick out thematically or in terms of strength. These cards are not Standard legal, but if players happen to open them in a Limited format event (such as a Pre-release, a Draft or a Sealed league) they can use them in their deck.

The list of cards confirmed to be in the Aether Revolt Inventions follows below.

The two cards that are missing from the list of Aether Revolt Inventions - 43/54 and 45/54, respectively - are likely the cards that will also be found in Aether Revolt proper, as was the case with Kaladesh's Gearhulk cycle.

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Quick Take

As someone who is working on a foil-slash-promo Modern Affinity deck, I am both excited to see some new artwork for my deck (that Ornithopter is especially exquisite) and saddened for the state of my wallet.

What are your thoughts on these Masterpiece Series cards? Anything you're looking forward to opening in a pack of Aether Revolt? Let us know in the comment section below.


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