Magic Designer Mark Rosewater Shares Adventures in Forgotten Realms Teasers

Published: June 23, 2021 6:04 PM /


Drizzt and his panther companion leaping through the air

As the release date draws closer for the newest Magic set, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, head of design Mark Rosewater teases fans with what it will include.

On Rosewater's official Tumblr account, he dropped several enigmatic bread crumbs in his distinct, cryptic style. These teases include the following:


  • a new enchantment subtype
  • a card granting -11/-11
  • a creature with a death trigger that make an equipment token
  • a legendary creature that makes a legendary Hamster creature token
  • something only seen previously in Un-sets comes to black border
  • an artifact that’s a musical instrument that creates harmony counters
  • a card that can keep your opponent from winning the game
  • an ability that cares about attacking with a certain amount of power of creatures
  • cards that let you decide where the story goes
  • a card that creates a legendary creature token named Vecna
  • “Enchanted permanent is a Treasure artifact”
  • “Ward – discard a card.”
  • “Exchange your hand and library”
  • “Skeletons, Vampires and Zombies”
  • “Spend this mana only to cast Dragon spells or activate abilities of Dragons.”
  • “for each different mana value among nonland cards in your graveyard.”
  • “Then if you have fewer than three cards in hand, draw cards equal to the difference.”
  • “Whenever you cast a creature spell that doesn’t share a creature type with a creature you control or a creature card in your graveyard,”
  • “You may cast [THIS CREATURE’S NAME] from your graveyard if a creature not named [THIS CREATURE’S NAME] died this turn.”
  • “When its power become 20 this way,”
  • Creature – Dwarf Citizen
  • Creature – Tiefling Wizard
  • Creature – Human Elf Monk
  • Creature – Elf Spider
  • Creature – Gnome Warlock
  • Creature – Halfling Rogue
  • Creature – Bird Bear
  • Legendary Creature – Dragon Knight
  • Legendary Creature – Devil God
  • Legendary Creature – Beholder


The warrior Minsc and his pet hamster, Boo
Go for the eyes, Boo!

That is a lot of info to parse. First the easy stuff. the "legendary creature that makes a legendary hamster token" can be none other than Minsc, a major character from the Baldur's Gate RPGs developed by Black Isle Studios, the token being his pet Space Hamster, Boo. The "card that makes a legendary creature token named Vecna" can be any number of artifacts from the world of D&D, including the undead god's severed hand or eye. As for Legendary Creatures, there are too many accurate characters those could be referencing. My best guess would be the Beholder could be a reference to Xanathar, the Beholder that runs the Thieves Guild and author of the totally comprehensive Xanathar's Guide to Everything book supplement.

These theories track since Wizards of the Coast have teased the appearance of several iconic Dungeons and Dragons characters in this new set in previews before. These include the drow hero, Drizzt Do'urden, shown off with his panther familiar, the dwarf warrior Bruenor Battlehammer, and even the Spider Queen herself, Lolth, as a planeswalker. Given just how popular these characters are and how much attention to detail is taken with artwork for Magic cards, some to the point of being seen as luxurious artwork in of themselves, it stands to reason that more characters will be given time to shine.

Thankfully, we won't have too long to wait for more information. Wizards of the Coast already have a schedule for their preview events where more information will be available. Until then, feel free to puzzle out who else will be making their Magic debut.

What do you want or expect to see from the teasers? Anything you particularly want in Adventures in the Forgotten Relams? Let us know in the comments below!



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