Magic 30 Anniversary Celebration Coming To Las Vegas

Published: June 15, 2022 3:15 PM /


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Magic: The Gathering will be celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year. Ever since its creation by Dr. Richard Garfield, the trading card game has only continued to grow with ongoing expansions, multiple modes of play, as well as rich lore and worldbuilding that has rubbed shoulders with other beloved properties in the past. Now, Wizards of the Coast have announced Magic 30, a live event celebrating the series' long life, being hosted in Las Vegas.

What Is Happening At Magic 30?

According to the official news post, Magic 30 is going to be a year-long celebration. The start of this celebration will be an event hosted in partnership with ReedPop at the World Market Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 28-30. Tickets to the event are priced at $30 online ticket for those that can't physically make it to the event, physical single-day admission tickets for $75, as well as weekend passes, VIP passes, and Commander-specific tickets. These tickets will be going on sale in July with more details to follow.

As for what prizes, gifts, and events you can look forward to for attending Magic 30, there is plenty to look forward to. Events include the appearance of beloved Magic cosplayers like Olivia Gobert-Hicks and Taalia Vess, hosted events of the comedy set Unfinity held by Lead Designer Mark Rosewater, as well as various interview panels.

But the biggest draw for Magic 30 are a few event-exclusive cards and sets. In addition to an exclusive Secret Lair, the event will a host a Modern tournament with a unique prize for those who make it to the Top 8. For the eight players who make it to the end, they will get to participate in a Limited Edition Beta draft. Commonly referred to as Beta cards, this run of Magic cards are highly sought after collector's items and sell for incredibly high prices.

Wizards of the Coast does clarify that Magic 30 will be more than just the Las Vegas venue. The next planned stop will be in Charlotte, North Carolina in February of 2023. This venue will also be hosting another returning event: the Magic Pro Tour.

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