Mage Knight Digital Version and 5 More Games Coming from Dire Wolf Digital

Published: January 22, 2019 8:07 AM /


mage knight digital

Dire Wolf Digital has announced a Mage Knight Digital version alongside five other tabletop games. The additions of these new titles will more or less double their catalog of tabletop games that have been digitized and are at a much lower risk of getting folds on the corners.

At the moment, Dire Wolf Digital has a decent selection of digital game titles to choose from including EternalLotus, and the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. The Mage Knight digital version will soon be added to their offerings alongside RootSagradaYellow & YangtzeWings of Glory, and Raiders of the North Sea according to a press release from the company. Here's a more in-depth look at the individual titles:

Mage Knight (Our Review) is a fantastic game that hybridizes strategy and deck-building. You will play as one of the titular mage knights and use your powers to recruit followers, defeat bad guys, and generally be an awesome hero of the land. The Mage Knight digital version is set to be the first of a catalog-wide partnership between Wiz Kids and Dire Wolf Digital.

Raiders of the North Sea lets you assemble a crew of Vikings and head out to pillage the lands of your unfortunate victims for fame and glory. What's not to love? Wreak the most havoc and gain the most gold in order to impress the chieftain and stand out as the number one raiding party.

Root has you adventuring in a fantastical forest kingdom filled with adorable cat people. The villainous Marquise de Cat has seized control of the woodland and it's up to you to free the forest from her evil reign. An interesting part of this game is the asymmetric gameplay where each player has their own unique victory condition.

Sagrada is a game that's all about making the most kickass stained-glass window. No, really. You'll get a neat little board with spaces for dice. Roll up your dice and put them in the most ideal locations as you try to create a priceless work of art!

Wings of Glory is, simply put, a miniatures game featuring some of the finest warplanes from the early days of aviation. Miniatures games can get pretty complex, but Wings of Glory does its best to keep things simple while staying true to the unique strengths and weaknesses of classic historical combat planes.

Yellow & Yangtze is all about a bunch of rival Chinese states trying to make the most successful civilization on the game port. Players must use an Artisan, Farmer, Governer, Soldier, and Trader to advance five separate categories that indicate the power of their lands. And there's a devious twist: your lowest of these five areas is what makes up your final score.

These six games will be part of Dire Wolf Digital's 2019 offerings. Of course, they'll continue to work on some of their existing IPs where new content is warranted. You can look forward to playing these six titles on PC, phones, and tablets throughout 2019.

What do you think of a Mage Knight digital version? Are you excited about any of the other games being made digital? Let us know in the comments below!

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