The Smurfs Board Game Announced by Maestro Media

Published: June 6, 2023 3:50 PM /


An official promotional image for The Smurfs Board Game.

Yes, The Smurfs Board Game is happening. The world of tabletop gaming is no stranger to officially licensed titles based on beloved properties. Recently, video games like Metal Gear Solid and Apex Legends have been making the jump to gaming tables. There have even been board games based on comics and movies like Judge Dredd and American Psycho. Now, in celebration of the series' 65th anniversary, the blue-skinned citizens of Smurf Village will be coming to tabletop.

The Smurfs Board Game announcement

According to an official press release, Maestro Media is partnering with The Smurfs' IP owner IMPS/LAFIG to bring The Smurfs Board Game to life. Maestro Media is a company known for innovative tabletop games as well as successful community-driven campaigns. Their past credits include The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls and Sally Face: Strange Nightmares. As part of this partnership, Maestro Media will launch a Kickstarter campaign for The Smurfs Board Game. This will be done in order to incorporate fan involvement and feedback on the project, ensuring a quality product that is faithful to the enduring brand. The campaign will launch in October 2023 and will come to retail stores in 2024.

“We are thrilled to be working with Javon and his team at Maestro Media on our latest board game. We love their passionate and participatory approach!  Board gamers and Smurfs fans can expect a lot of Smurf-fun ahead for the whole family, ” said Fabienne Gilles, CCO and Head of Consumer Products and Family Entertainment with LAFIG. “They have an astounding track record for community-driven games, which is perfect for our Smurfs fans.”

The press release also reveals the developers working on The Smurfs Board Game. The talent includes renowned names like Antoine Bauza (7 Wonders), Corentin Lebrat (Flying Goblins), Ludovic Maublanc (Cash 'N Guns), and Théo Rivière (Sea of Clouds).


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