The Last of Us Board Game Announced By Naughty Dog

Published: November 1, 2022 3:20 PM /


Early promotional box art for The Last of Us Board Game

An official The Last of Us board game adaptation is in development. Naughty Dog's critically acclaimed action horror series has gripped players around the world thanks to grounded, humanistic storytelling as well as its fungal take on a zombie apocalypse. The series spans two mainline entries across three different console generations and even has a live-action HBO Max adaptation starring Pedro Pascal coming very soon. Now, that same nail-biting dread will be coming to the gaming table.

The Last of Us board game

The announcement of The Last of Us board game came from Naughty Dog's website. Officially titled The Last of Us: Escape The Dark, the board game is being developed by Themeborne. This is a studio that is most well known for their Escape The Dark board games; emphasizing expressive black and white artwork as well as accessible co-op gameplay. As the name implies, players work together to complete story objectives, their choices leading to different adventure paths, causing each playthrough to feel unique.

Themeborne's official website goes into further detail about The Last of Us board game. 1-5 players can take on the roles of Joel, Ellie, Marlene, Tess, Bill, or Tommy and then work together through a harsh tale of survival and companionship. In addition to players visiting certain iconic locations from the games such as the abandoned university and empty suburbs, players will have to tactically use item cards and roll custom dice to overcome both the Infected and Hunters. Finally, working together will be difficult at first since each character starts the game with a Hang-up: a key character flaw that will lead to hiccups along the way. But if that flaw is overcome during their journey, their full potential will be unlocked.

The Last of Us board game will be coming to Kickstarter on November 8. At the time of writing there are no further details about backer tiers, stretch goals, or estimated shipping dates.


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