Jurassic World Board Game Roars Onto Kickstarter in 2022

Published: December 7, 2021 3:07 PM /


The box art for the Jurassic World Board Game

A while back, we reported that Funko Games were working on an official Jurassic World board game based on the nostalgic and beloved films produced by Universal Studios and Amblin Entertainment. Now both Funko and developer Prospero Hall have released new details about the game, including when its crowdfunding campaign will go live on Kickstarter.

In an official press release, Prospero Hall described the Jurassic World board game in detail. Officially titled Jurassic World: Legacy of Isla Nublar, the board game will take players through the storylines of all five films in the series. It will start with the humble beginnings of the first Jurassic Park and will go all the way to the collapse of the Jurassic World attraction and the spread of dinosaurs across the mainland.

The Jurassic World board game will include 12 adventures where you can help shape Isla Nublar into your own version of the iconic dinosaur park. Each of these adventures will last about two hours each, that's 24 hours of gameplay straight out of the box. In these cooperative adventures, players can take on the roles of iconic characters from the franchise including the one who started it all, Dr. John Hammond, the velociraptor expert Dr. Alan Grant, and many more fan favorites.

A look at dinosaur mystery boxes for the Jurassic World board game
That's uhhh, that's Chaos Theory. Image Credit: Funko Games

While the written adventures of the Jurassic World board game are scripted, Prospero Hall insists that the game is endlessly replayable. Each game starts with four dinosaur miniatures, the T-Rex, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, and the Velociraptor. As players research and expand the park, they will unlock more dinosaurs from mystery boxes while keeping park employees and visitors safe. Since not everyone's park will be laid out the same way and the mystery boxes keep players guessing, it leads to a more emergent management experience.

“We always aim to create games we want to play around stories and characters we love most,” said Deirdre Cross, Vice President of Prospero Hall.  “This project has been in development for years, which has allowed us to experiment and innovate.  We believe we are redefining the legacy game genre in a way that will surprise and delight tabletop and Jurassic World fans.” Given Prospero Hall's prior experience with adapting beloved 1980s films to tabletop such as The Shining, The Rocketeer, Back to the Future, and The Goonies, Cross' confidence has firm ground to stand on.

How Much Will The Jurassic World Board Game Cost and When Will It Be Available?

According to Prospero Hall and Funko Games, the Jurassic World board game's Kickstarter campaign will go live March 22, 2022. Furthermore, the base game will cost $120. There are currently no details about Early Bird discounts, major expansions, or stretch goals. However, the box itself promises to be packed with content. It will weigh seven pounds, most likely due to the size and weight of the miniatures and terrain included, and it will feature artwork heavily inspired by the 1950s comics, TV, and films that inspired the beloved Steven Spielberg films.


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