Iron Maiden Goes Plastic With Zombicide Crossover

Published: October 17, 2022 4:49 PM /


Promotional art of Iron Maiden Zombicide crossover packs featuring different versions of Eddie

CMON Entertainment have announced an Iron Maiden Zombicide crossover. The tabletop publisher has a history of introducing different characters into their survival horror franchise. These have included thematically similar material like George Romero's Night of the Living Dead to the urban fantasy TV series, Supernatural. But this particular crossover doesn't just bring the metal band into one of the company's games; it crosses over into several.

Featured miniatures from the Iron Maiden Zombicide crossover packs
Metal heads are eating well with these.

The Iron Maiden crossover announcement

The Iron Maiden Zombicide crossover announcement was made on CMON's website. This announcement confirmed that three different character packs would be available for pre-order. Each of these character packs will hold different versions of Iron Maiden's heavy metal mascot Eddie. These versions will be based on his many appearances across Iron Maiden's diverse catalog of albums. The contents of those packs are as follows:

  • Iron Maiden Character Pack 1 for $29.00: Undead Eddie, Reaper Eddie, Pharoah Eddie, Trooper Eddie, Samurai Eddie, Cyborg Eddie
  • Iron Maiden Character Pack 2 $29.00: Shaman Eddie, Mummy Eddie, Asylum Eddie, Bounty Hunter Eddie, Bassist Eddie, Killer Eddie, Beast's Head Equipment
  • Iron Maiden Character Pack 3 for $16.00: Fear Eddie, Wicker Eddie
  • Iron Maiden Bundle of the Beast for $66.60: Discounted bundle of all three character packs and Classic Eddie promotional character

In fact, this Iron Maiden Zombicide crossover isn't limited just to CMON's zombie game. Some of these Eddies are also playable in other board games. Pharaoh Eddie and Mummy Eddie are playable characters in Ankh - Gods of Egypt. The Senjutsu album's Samurai Eddie is a monster for Rising Sun. Fear Eddie, Asylum Eddie, and Undead Eddie are available as monsters and investigators for the newest season of Cthulhu: Death May Die. Finally, Reaper Eddie, Shaman Eddie, Bassist Eddie, and Wicker Eddie can be played as roaming monsters or heroes in Massive Darkness 2.

The Iron Maiden Zombicide crossover pack prices do contain some caveats. First, you will be charged immediately for this pre-order. Second due to certain import laws, these packs cannot be shipped out to Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan or Ukraine. The packs are expected to ship June 2023.


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