Into the Funkoverse: New Tabletop Game from Funko Announced

Published: July 20, 2019 10:06 AM /


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Funko is getting ready to shrink their figures down to board game size with the announcement of their upcoming Funkoverse.

Besides branching out into digital games with the 3-match Funko Pop Blitz! on mobile phones, the iconic toy and pop culture company will have Funkoverse as their own tabletop game. According to a press release, Funkoverse will start with strategy board games for a diverse range of fandoms: The Golden Girls, DC Comics, Harry Potter, and Rick & Morty.

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Each set will feature 3-inch figures of the various characters, from Blanche Devereaux to Harley Quinn. Funko adds that they’ll start appearing in stores during October, and given the staggering amount of different fandoms and characters they have access to, it’s likely that there will be more Funkoverse sets to come. Imagine a Marvel set to go along with its eternal rival, DC.

Speaking of implied face-offs between long-standing competitors on the tabletop battlefield, Funkoverse should possess plenty of crossover potential. As CNET points out, you can have characters from different fandoms meet up in completely different worlds. Picture it: Rose Nylund and Harry Potter crossing paths with Catwoman on a Gotham City board. (The inclusion of Batman and company for the game's first outing may be in honor of their 80th anniversary, and not just recognition of their place in pop culture.)

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Further details about Funkoverse are under wraps, with no word on how it’ll approach strategy gameplay or a price. 

Funko further announced that Funkoverse and Funko Pop Blitz! are currently part of the Funko booth at San Diego Comic-Con. Funko also has buttons featuring a wide selection of characters in honor of SDCC's 50th anniversary, and held its first live SDCC podcast. The toy company has also clearly been busy with new figures during SDCC, such as those of The Dark Crystal characters and the Jaws Shark Biting Quint.

Are you going to check out Funkoverse? Do you have a favorite out of The Golden Girls, DC Comics, Harry Potter, and Rick & Morty? Do you wish Funko was starting with some other fandoms? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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