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Humble Bundle, the popular game bundle seller, has announced a new bundle featuring third-party Pathfinder-compatible roleplaying books in ebook format. The "Pathfinder RPG Book" Bundle offers tabletop gamers the opportunity to donate money to Frog God Games, Humble Bundle, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society or a second charity of their choice (via the PayPal Giving Fund) in exchange for DRM-free PDFs. These are all third-party books, which means they are published with the Pathfinder-compatibility license but are not eligible for Pathfinder Society and your local group may vary on how accepted they are.

What ebooks does your money get you? For one dollar, you get the following eight titles:

  • Bill Webb's Book of Dirty Tricks, from Frog God Games
  • The Black Monastery, from Frog God Games
  • Quests of Doom, from Frog God Games
  • Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms, from Frog God Games
  • Unusual Suspects, from Frog God Games
  • Streets of Zobeck, from Kobold Press
  • Zobeck Gazetteer, from Kobold Press
  • Advanced Bestiary. from Green Ronin Publishing

For $8 or more, you nab yourself these six additional ebooks:

  • Rappan Athuk, from Frog God Games
  • Dead Man's Chest, from Frog God Games
  • Against Tsathogga, from Frog God Games
  • Cyclopean Deeps Vol. 1-2, from Frog God Games
  • Advanced Races Compendium, from Kobold Press
  • Your Whispering Homunculus, from Kobold Press

And finally, if you give $15 or more, you get all the previous tiers ebooks as well as these six ebooks:

  • Halls of the Mountain Kind, from Crafty Games
  • The Mother of All Treasure Tables, from Frog God Games
  • Splinters of Faith Vol. 1-10, from Frog God Games
  • Deep Magic, from Kobold Press
  • Wrath of the River King, from Kobold Press
  • Freeport: The City of Adventure, from Green Ronin Publishing

Frog God Games also offers a back-up service for the ebooks from this Humble Bundle in the case of hardware failure, and is available to those who have a Frog God Games account and answer some questions when downloading their ebooks. Following the conclusion of the Humble Bundle, Frog God Games will send instructions on how to access the back-ups, so if you're concerned about losing your purchases this is an option to consider.

The Pathfinder RPG Book Bundle will be running until November 30, 2016.

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Quick Take

This is some amazing value.  Nothing further really needs to be said here - there are amazing books at every tier, and you're getting a great deal getting these twenty books for only $15.

What are your thoughts on this Humble Bundle? Do you think you'll purchase some of the ebooks, and if so which ones? Let us know in the comment section below.

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