The Hood Arrives to Marvel Champions Card Game

Published: July 23, 2021 3:03 PM /


A portrait of Marvel Comics villain, The Hood

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a brand new villain scenario pack for their cooperative living card game, Marvel Champions. It is not some great cosmic threat from beyond the stars or some robotic monstrosity, but a supervillain that you underestimate at your own risk: the superpowered crime boss known as The Hood.

Further details are given about the pack on Fantasy Flight's official website. The Hood Scenario Pack includes 78 cards, showcasing the titular villain and his comprehensive organization of supervillains. In addition, are nine completely modular encounter sets which can be mixed into any scenario. The reason for this is that The Hood's greatest strength is how he coordinates and manages a large of group of C-list or D-list villains from the Marvel Universe into a genuinely dangerous threat. By themselves, villains like The Wrecking Crew, The Shocker, Boomerang, and Crossfire are manageable, but when the man behind the scenes giving the orders is The Hood it becomes far more terrifying.


This is shown in a brief overview of how The Hood's scenario works in Marvel Champions. Card abilities like Establish Dominance, Promised Prosperity, and Field Recruitment are all about adding new villain scenarios from the set-aside pool, amassing acceleration tokens, and doing it all as fast as possible. Even in a straightforward fight The Hood can be nasty. Sporting twin pistols for ranged offense, The Hood's Mantle also grants him additional defense and prevents him from being slowed down.

A collection of cards from The Hood scenario seen in Marvel Champions
The Hood is a master schemer, and Marvel Champions understands that.

As for the nine separate scenarios themselves, they showcase encounters for lesser known Marvel villains. One of these includes Calvin Zabo, and the dangerous self-experimentation that turns him into the dreaded Mister Hyde, as well as even more difficult versions of Standard and Expert encounter sets.

The Hood Scenario Pack for Marvel Champions is available for pre-order right now on Fantasy Flight Games' website for $14.95.


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