Homeworld Fleet Command Now Live on Kickstarter

Last year, Modiphius Entertainment announced Homeworld Fleet Command, a tactical board game adaptations of the beloved RTS videogame series. That project has now gone live on Kickstarter, its fundraising goal almost doubled.

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An image of the box art and game pieces of Homeworld Fleet Command

Last August, Modiphius Entertainment announced a board game adaptation of the award-winning strategy game, Homeworld. The board game will feature rules-lite gameplay, simple step-by-step narrative scenarios to ease players into a campaign, and over 100 ship miniatures based on in-game models. Now, Homeworld Fleet Command has gone live on Kickstarter, packed with different backer tiers and stretch goals to unlock.

The game board for Homeworld Fleet Command
Time to see who owns the stars.

The Homeworld Fleet Command Kickstarter campaign

According to the Homeworld Fleet Command Kickstarter page, the board game is designed for 1-4 players and will take 30-60 minutes to complete. The game will also be exclusive to the crowdfunding platform; it will not be coming to retail. The campaign has separate add-ons to pick from. The first is an expansion box, which will include 100 additional ships, expanded rules, and additional game pieces. You can also purchase fleet boxes, which contain additional ship models for either the Kushan or Taiidan factions respectively. Lastly, there is the Homeworld: Revelations bundle, which includes a copy of the Homeworld TTRPG as well as a GM screen and a set of dice.

As for stretch goals, they include sixteen transparent plastic fighter trays, extra tokens and game cards, twelve Stealth Interceptor ships (one squadron for both sides), and a metal valor token. The token will allow you to re-roll all dice during any one test, but once you do you must hand the token to another player.

The different pledge levels for Homeworld Fleet Command are as follows:

  • Fighter for $91: A copy of Homeworld Fleet Command base game in addition to all stretch goals
  • Commander for $151: A copy of the base game, stretch goal rewards, and the expansion box
  • Admiral for $211: A copy of the base game, the expansion box, all stretch goal rewards, a Kushan fleet box, and a Taiidan fleet box

Bear in mind that the prices listed will not include shipping costs. Those costs are listed in the campaign, but can be subject to change.

At the time of writing, the Homeworld Fleet Command project has raised $200,363, more than doubling its goal of $96,329. The campaign will conclude on March 5.

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