Heroscape Returns to Retail By Renegade Game Studios

Published: June 8, 2023 2:54 PM /


The board game Heroscape, set up on a black tabletop, featuring colorful miniatures and hexagonal grid.

More Heroscape is coming. In October 2022, Hasbro announced that the beloved tabletop wargame would return through their crowdfunding platform HasLab. This was major since the series was discontinued in 2010. The fan support for this project was so overwhelming, Hasbro and Renegade Game Studios will bring Heroscape not just their passionate fanbase, but for a full retail release.

The Heroscape retail announcement

According to a press release from Renegade Game Studios, Heroscape coming to retail was the result of major fan support. Originally, Hasbro and original developers Avalon Hill would produce a number of Heroscape board games for players that were willing to pay within a limited window. This is standard practice for HasLab, a dedicated crowdfunding platform that produces various toys across Hasbro's many iconic franchises like Transformers and GI Joe, and board games like HeroQuest. However, thanks to fan support, Renegade Game Studios has expanded its licensing partnership with Hasbro to produce and distribute Heroscape to hobby, mass, and specialty markets. In addition, Renegade will partner with the company's online store Hasbro Pulse to ensure the game reaches as wide an audience as possible.

Heroscape brought a lot of people into hobby gaming and to this day there is a robust and passionate community; we look forward to growing that community and continuing to offer new and exciting models for gamers to enjoy,” said Scott Gaeta, President and Publisher of Renegade Game Studios. “Additionally, we will be partnering with hobby stores to give Heroscape and its community of players the best home possible where they can make new friends and engage in exciting battles across Valhalla!

Renegade Game Studios' support will not stop at a simple relaunch. The studio will also produce new content for the game. This will include new terrain packs, faction boxes, and more. In addition, Renegade will provide online community and organized play support, including a future World Championship. If you wish to stay updated, you can sign up for an official newsletter by Renegade.


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