Hero's Crossing Villain Expansion Announced

One Method Monkey, the developers behind the indie board game Heroes Crossing announce a villain expansion

Published: September 2, 2021 3:41 PM /


The game's title on a pixel art-themed brick background

Fans of the indie board game Hero's Crossing are about to get a pleasant surprise. There is now an official expansion for the game available.

According to One Method Monkey's official website, Hero's Crossing Villains will add (no surprise) villains to place on the map, adding some fun twists to the core game. It will continue the game's dedication to adorable pixel art and invoking the feeling of classic top-down videogame RPGs like the original Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games. The expansion will include 11 cards and will cost $8.

In addition, One Method Monkey is offering free domestic shipping on all new orders until Sunday, September 5. If you buy the base game of Hero's Crossing, the Villains expansion, or even another board game by the studio, Hey Cutie, within the United States you won't have to worry about additional costs.

Pixel art of a mage raising skeletons
It's adorable and terrifying.

As our coverage of the game can attest, Hero's Crossing is fun alternative to a traditional board game experience. While other retro-inspired board games like Boss Monster focus on emulating the feeling of being the final boss of a difficult video game or being the heroes themselves, Hero's Crossing is all about building the towns those heroes visit. It's a competitive experience that's based more on architecture and economics than just character RPG builds or adventuring party composition.

It might not be the best fit for you if you don't have a large table to fit all of the area tiles, but if you ever wanted to run an item shop that the stalwart party peruses before the final battle against an evil dragon, the base version of Hero's Crossing might be the $40 investment you're looking for. On the other hand, Hey Cutie is a dating sim board game where you need to manage cards, tiles, and stats in order to woo the man or woman who has stolen your heart.

Hero's Crossing Villains is available right now.

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