Green Ronin to Publish The Expanse Tabletop RPG

Published: August 19, 2017 1:07 PM /


The Expanse Books James Corey Green Ronin

Green Ronin has announced that they will be publishing The Expanse RPG, as a tabletop RPG series based on the books by 'writer' James S. A. Corey.

The Expanse is a series of Sci-Fi novels featuring a colonized solar system without the use of interstellar travel, until the discovery of the ring, a wormhole gate that was created by a long dead-alien race. The ring leads to other rings found in a galactic hub, and thousands of other star systems for discovery.

The Expanse has been incredibly popular as a series, is a constant best-seller, and even being nominated for several Hugo Awards since the first book, Leviathan Wakes, was released in 2011. The books have spawned several novellas and spin-off books, comic books as well as The Expanse TV series on SyFy in 2015.

Green Ronin president Chris Pramas is excited by the prospects for bringing the book to the tabletop realm. "The Expanse is the most exciting thing to happen in science fiction in the last decade,” said Pramas. “It’s not just that they are cracking good stories—which of course, they are—but like all of the best science fiction they reflect the issues of today. We could not be more delighted to bring The Expanse to roleplaying games.”

Green Ronin Publishing is famous for publishing several big name tabletop RPG games and systems, including the d20 system Mutants & Masterminds and the Dragon Age Tabletop game, which utilizes Green Ronin's Adventure Game Engine, or AGE system. The Expanse will be the first Sci-Fi game produced by the company.

Green Ronin is planning to run a crowdfunding campaign for The Expanse next year and publish the game in August 2018. The game will also utilize the AGE system, according to the press release.

The authors of The Expanse Novels, Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham (James S. A. Corey is a pseudonym) are also excited about the prospects for the game. “The Expanse began as a gaming concept nearly two decades ago, and was played as a home brewed RPG for years before becoming a book series,” stated Franck. “To have Green Ronin taking the universe of The Expanse back to its roots is very exciting. I’ve loved their game adaptations of other literary works, and I couldn’t be happier to be partnering with them on this project.”

"I came to the story first as a RPG, and clearly I had a great time with it,” added Abraham. “I’m delighted to have other gamers get the chance to make their own stories in this setting.”

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