Green Hell Board Game Coming Soon To Kickstarter

Published: July 14, 2021 4:04 PM /


The box art seen for Green Hell The Board Game

In terms of survival games, Creepy Jar's work on Green Hell is a stellar standout. It is still getting ongoing content and support from its developers and it managed to be a harrowing open-world experience with a strong narrative focus. So naturally, Galaktus Games wants to make a board game adaptation courtesy of Kickstarter.

We managed to speak with a spokesman, Michal Filipek about this crowdfunding campaign. We naturally had plenty of questions, which Filipek was happy to answer. First, there are plenty of survival sim video games out there, so what exactly drew the studio to making a board game out of Green Hell? Basically, Galaktus were big fans of what the people at Creepy Jar had created and had worked with them before in the past. Plus, there was an inherent challenge in making the intense survival mechanics of the video game translate to a board game and keep things open ended for different means of success for the players.


Although Filipek mentioned the partnership with Creepy Jar yielded some interesting hiccups. He states, "Krzysztof Kwiatek from Creepy Jar, as he confirmed in our interview, is not that into board games so we had to introduce him to this proposition. The idea of the board game's technical design was hatched entirely on our side. Creepy Jar was an invaluable support when it came to aesthetic or story consultations of our project. We didn't have any major problems during the development because we have had a concept for certain mechanics in mind for quite some time." The interview in question is from a series of videos discussing the development of Green Hell: The Board Game on Galaktus Games' YouTube channel.

The developers playtesting Green Hell The Board Game
Here's hoping no one makes a wrong turn.

As for the Kickstarter itself, we had to ask just how involved it would be. Stretch goals, rewards, social media integration, we wanted to know. Filipek wasn't exactly committal, but his statements did come with reasonable expectations, "we have planned stretch goals and will be revealing them with the start of the Kickstarter campaign. We have high expectations but we also try to approach the project with humility. As for some social media integration we do it to a certain extent. We understand that our board game is a different product from a video game and the core audience is not always the same."

Also of note is that the board game itself will attempt to remain compact for those worried about shelf space. The current proposed size is about 32x32x10 cm, although that may change.


Finally, for those who are still waiting for an official date on when the campaign will go live, we do have an estimate. According to Filipek, Green Hell: The Board Game's Kickstarter campaign will be going live in about 2-3 weeks as of this writing. A more concrete date may be coming within a few days, but as of right now that is the current timetable.

If you are a big fan of Green Hell, or are interested in a survival board game set deep in the jungle, stay tuned to this Kickstarter.

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