Giantslayer Adventure Path for Pathfinder now Available!

The new Giantslayer Adventure Path series is finally beginning, and you can already pick up part 1 of this new arc for Pathfinder.

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Pathfinder Giantslayer Adventure Path Key Art

The newest Adventure Path for Pathfinder, titled Giantslayer, has been released. Giantslayer is slated to be a six part adventure series and begins with Adventure Path #91: Battle of BloodMarch Hill.  Follow up adventures in the Giantslayer arc will be Adventure Path #92: The Hill Giant’s Pledge, Adventure Path #93: Forge of the Giant God,  Adventure Path #94: Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen, Adventure Path #95: Anvil of Fire and Adventure Path #96: Shadow of the Storm Tyrant .

Giantslayer Adventure Path Released for Pathfinder

Each of the six planned Adventure Paths in the Giantslayer arc will consist of a 96 page full-color softcover book. Battle of BloodMarch Hill should be in stores now with the rest of the Adventure Paths releasing monthly through July. Each volume will contain an in-depth Adventure Path scenario, stats for new monsters, and several support articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their campaign. There is also a free 16 page player's guide that helps player's create characters for the adventure and to let you find out more about it.

Battle of Bloodmarch Hill will contain a Pathfinder adventure for 1st-level characters, by Patrick Renie, a collection of lore on the behavior of giants, Golarion’s largest humanoids, by David Schwartz, a giant bag of feats, spells, equipment, and other rules tailored specifically for giants, by Stephen Radney-MacFarland, an unfortunate gnome’s encounter with an ogre family in the Pathfinder’s Journal, by Richard Pett and a pack of dangerous monsters, by Tyler Beck, Adam Daigle, and Patrick Renie.

In Battle of Bloodmarch Hill the heroes must investigate a mysterious death in the human town of Trunau, which sits on the edge of civilization and is surrounded by brutal orcs of the Hold of Belkzen. The heroes will be responsible for protecting the town from an attack by an orc army while trying to discover the true motivations of the giant chieftain behind the orc attacks.

Piazo on The Giantslayer's Path

Paizo Publisher Erik Mona has this to say about the adventure path:

“Giantslayer is a return to the blood-and-thunder, sword-and-sorcery roots of the Pathfinder RPG. Our last few campaigns have jumped from world to world, cast the heroes and super-legendary über-heroes fighting off a demon invasion, and other madness. Giantslayer tells an epic fantasy story against epic villains that helps players and GMs get back to basics in the most ass-kickingest way we know how.”

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