Gen Con 2021 Lifts Mask Requirements

If you're planning on physically attending Gen Con this year, it looks like you won't need to wear a mask

Published: July 9, 2021 3:30 PM /


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For those planning on making the trip to physically attend GenCon 2021 this year, an update has happened regarding protections from COVID-19.

In an official announcement on GenCon's website, it was revealed that those attending the event won't have to wear a face mask. The reason for this is that according to a survey that was conducted by attendees, 87% of them were fully vaccinated. This is well over the required state threshold of vaccinated citizens of 70% required for the lifting of public health guidelines such as mandatory face masks and social distancing.

Several follow-up tweets explained the policy further. If you're fully vaccinated you can still wear a mask if you feel more comfortable, and they in fact recommend it in general in the announcement. For that same reason, convention wristbands will not be required. Furthermore, you will need to produce a vaccination card and photo ID upon arrival to confirm that you are not a health risk. There will be staff and security available on hand to enforce masks on unvaccinated attendees.

Given the information presented by those in charge, it looks like honest attempts are made at security for this year's GenCon. However, it is not without its critics. GenCon is a huge event and there will be people who will find a gap in security to unmask. Forged cards and IDs are also a possibility. The list goes on.

A line graph showing vaccinated citizens in Indiana for 2021
Courtesy of the CDC. That plateauing is not a good sign either.

But the biggest issue hanging over the entire convention is it taking place in Indiana. As it stands right now, 42% of Indiana's population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Regardless of the personal health of those in attendance of GenCon, it is still being held in an area well below acceptable standards in the United States. While this hasn't stopped other conventions across the world from lifting their own public health guidelines, it is still a cause for concern considering how quickly disease spreads in such enclosed spaces, especially with the more virulent Delta variant of COVID-19.

Thankfully if these developments make it too much of a personal health risk for you to attend, you can still get a refund for your badge until July 30th.

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