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The Pinnacle Entertainment Group (PEG) was just one of many companies to announce something new and exciting to the world at Gen Con this year. Here's a list of some of the projects we can expect from the publisher in the future:

Savage Worlds of Horror

PEG will be bringing us a brand new set of horror books with a large selection of stories and savage tales for you to run in your horror themed games. They plan to release three books in the near future. Each story will be ready to run and the themes of each tale will span the broad spectrum of horror settings. So no matter if you're playing a game centered around a grisly serial killer or your players are fighting unknown eldritch horrors, you should be able to find something in these books.

Cover_of_The_Sixth_Gun_1_,FCBD_may_2010The Sixth Gun RPG

Based on the Eisner and Harvey award winning comic series, The Sixth Gun Roleplaying Game takes place in the crazy weird west setting of The Sixth Gun. Included will be all the rules for playing in the setting as well as plots centered around events happening concurrently with the comic's story. Some people might say one weird west setting is enough, but not Pinnacle!

New Deadlands: Lost Colony Content

Back at last, a relaunch of the Lost Colony book should be heading our way. There will also be a plot point campaign that will further the harrowing metaplot on Banshee. Miniatures are supposed to be coming down the pipe as well!

New Last Parsec Content

A new Last Parsec book should be joining the line up in the next year or so. The book will mostly focus on planetary exploration inside the Last Parsec universe. An abundance of ships with maps is supposed to be included and a new line of miniatures will be coming out for this title as well.

Updated Weird War I Books

Pinnacle books are getting smaller! The newest edition of the Weird War I books and other titles in the future will be printed in a new graphic novel format! Smaller, cheaper, more retail friendly!

New Deadlands: Reloaded Books

A bit further down the line, but no less exciting, PEG revealed they will be releasing two new books for the Deadlands: Reloaded setting. The first is a plot point campaign titled Stone and a Hard Place. This is the third plot point campaign released for DL:R set in the Southwest and it features everyone's favorite undead servitor: Stone. The second book is a new and update version of the classic Deadlands relics book. Inside will include lots of powerful but nasty relics for GMs to reward/punish their players with.

Deadlands Noir: The Big Easy Card Game

From the PEG Gen Con 2014 release preview:

In The Big Easy Card Game, players take the role of a hard boiled detective out to make her name—and fortune—on the dark and haunted streets of 1935 New Orleans. You’ll battle Black Hand thugs, evil cultists, and restless undead as you piece together clues, but your biggest foes are the other gumshoes in town looking to steal your shot at the big time. Two to four players, 30 minutes to an hour play time. Designed and illustrated by the team that created Deadlands Noir, John Goff and Cheyenne Wright!

HoE_LetterCover_6002-e1341943480748New Deadlands: Hell on Earth Books

There are two new books in the future for Hell on Earth. One will be a bonafide companion for the setting. The other will be a plot point campaign continuing the HoE metaplot featuring the Iron Alliance and the last major servitor.

Upcoming Kickstarter Campaigns

PEG announced their plans to start Kickstarter campaigns  for their new Last Parsec content, the Deadlands: Hell on Earth companion, and new Weird War I content.

Deadlands: The TV Show

The Deadlands TV show is dead! Long live the Deadlands TV show! Microsoft Studios might have been dissolved but PEG reassured us that the Deadlands TV show didn't go with it. They're currently attempting to shop the idea around to cable networks. Hopefully, some TV exec out there knows what's what and picks it up!

New Weird War Crusades Incoming

Pinnacle indicated new Weird War Crusades would be coming out this year. Potentially at rate of one per year!

Deadlands Comics News

The Deadlands comics will be shifting over to a new publisher. IDW will be taking the reigns and publishing all future Deadlands comics. Apparently, IDW will not be continuing to print the version with the stats for Deadlands: Reloaded characters in the back. So, if that's something you're interested in, you should go pick up some copies before they're gone forever!

The Savage Worlds of Lankhmar

The first wave of Lankhmar books is incoming—three new books in total! The first Lankhmar: City of Thieves will include everything you need to know about the city of Lankhmar as well as a plot point campaign. The second is Savage Foes of Newhon which will include a variety of baddies for your stories as well as a few savage tales to boot. The last book, Savage Tales of the Thieves' Guild, will contain a variety of savage tales that can be used individually or tied together to form a plot point campaign following around the deep underbelly of Lankhmar. They will also be releasing new high-quality metal minis as well as a Lankhmar GM screen.

Rippers_FreshBlood_finalNew Rippers Content

No specifics but PEG did reveal that they're working on new Rippers content!

Necessary Evil II: Breakout

Players take part in a decimated New York City playing as a street level villain to take back the streets and escape the hellish ruins of the big apple. Sounds like fun!

Martial Arts Companion

Last but not least, a new companion is on the way to satisfy all of the Kung Fu movie junkies out there.

For more info and products from PEG, head to their website at!

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