GameVaults: World of Warcraft Is Now A Thing

GameVaults: World of Warcraft Edition has popped up on Kickstarter, offering you a chance to pick up this tabletop game with extra bells and whistles before it hits retail

Published: June 21, 2021 3:07 PM /


A screenshot of the set up for Gamevaults: World of Warcraft Edition

A newly emerged Kickstarter campaign is about to see how much overlap there is between complex grand strategy board game enthusiasts and World of Warcraft fans.

A brand new campaign has now emerged on the popular crowdfunding website for GameVaults: World of Warcraft Edition. Developed by GameVaults studio. the project is officially endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment and will use the fundamental rules for GameVaults' own board game system.

Vice President Global Consumer Products at Blizzard Entertainment, Matt Beecher, is credited in the campaign page saying, "When GameVaults came to us with their epic vision for GameVaults: World of Warcraft Edition and its hybrid collectibles/tabletop game experience, we were blown away. The scope of gameplay – 88 million possible moves – and the level of detail is stunning. We’re very excited to support this talented team as they create something truly special for World of Warcraft fans.

The campaign promises a meticulously recreated world of Azeroth with over 600 unique pieces of terrain as well as miniature models for monsters and major characters for both The Alliance and The Horde respectively. The production of these pieces will be handled by Edge Toy and will have a stunning amount of detail put into them. Not only will they resemble the architecture as seen in Blizzard's own massively popular MMORPG, but even areas like grooves and niches used to click pieces together and even the bottom of various structures and terrains will be modeled and molded to match the terrain. The entire campaign continues to emphasize a focus on authenticity over simplicity, with various figures and characters being made up of anything from 9 to 17 parts, even if they only take up a one-inch base.

An image of the Core Edition for Gamevault: World of Warcraft Edition
Metal cast pieces? Well, you know where the money's going.

If this all sounds fantastic and up your alley, you might want to have a long conversation with your spouse or wallet first. The Core edition of this massive game will cost you $499 at minimum. There is also a Limited Edition available for the same price which will include first-run produced game pieces, but those will only be available for the first 1000 people who want them. Then if you really need to spend money fast, there is the Onyx Edition for $649 which includes exclusive Abomination figures, with all the game's pieces covered in a glossy black finish.

If that price point doesn't scare you away and any of this sounds amazing, you can head to Kickstarter right now and become a backer. The campaign concludes July 27 and it is yet to reach its base goal of $500,000.

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