Games Workshop Suspends Warhammer Sales in Russia

Published: March 16, 2022 2:30 PM /


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If you have been paying attention to current events, you are most likely aware of the humanitarian crisis happening in Ukraine. Armed attacks by the Russian military are causing countless deaths and devastation in a brazen display of authoritarian force. In response to the disregard for geopolitical laws and regulations, multiple governments and companies have pledged aid to Ukraine and have suspended sales of goods and services to Russia. Modiphius Entertainment, the studio behind the Alien RPG, have voiced their support. Multiple publishers have created charity bundles on with proceeds aiding those suffering in Ukraine. Now, Games Workshop has pledged their official support by suspending sales of their products to Russia.

The official Warhammer-Community post by Games Workshop was short but simple.


We are terribly saddened by the horrific events taking place in Ukraine. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all those affected by Russia’s actions.

In light of this, Games Workshop is suspending all sales of Warhammer products into Russia.

We didn’t take this decision lightly. We know that there are many Russian hobbyists who don’t condone the war. Yet, we must stand with those suffering.

This show of support by Games Workshop is illustrative of the company's values in contrast with the subject matter of their most popular product: Warhammer 40k. Set in the grim and dark far future, it is a tabletop miniatures game where you build an army then do battle with another player's army of miniatures. It is also packed with depressing and nightmarish faction armies like interdimensional demons, a galaxy-threatening hivemind of giant insect monsters, and a bunch of rowdy battlecrazed Orks.

But the most popular of all of Warhammer 40k's factions are the Imperium of Man and their Space Marines. Simply put, the Imperium of Man is a fascistic theocratic dictatorship with highly oppressive and miserable living conditions for their people. It is meant to be a dark satire of what can happen when humanity's capacity for systemic prejudice, demogoguery, and ruthless ambition wins out over compassion and sympathy.

In fact, Games Workshop had to come out and state as such to ensure that the imagery of the Imperium of Man would not be misappropriated by certain hate groups.


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