Games Workshop Reveals Warhammer 40k Magic Cards

In collaboration with Wizards of the Coast and Magic: The Gathering's Universes Beyond crossover set, Games Workshop reveals new Warhammer 40k Magic Cards, bringing the grimdark far future to the fantasy setting.

Published: September 12, 2022 2:47 PM /


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Games Workshop have revealed the first Warhammer 40k Magic cards. Wizards of the Coast's vastly popular card game has recently been experimenting with more crossovers as part of their Universes Beyond set. While WOTC has made it clear that players will not miss out on major cards if they wish not to play with these cards, the company has cast a wide net when it came to the crossovers they have announced. As for the debut of Games Workshop's grimdark sci-fi universe, there was plenty to reveal.

What Warhammer 40k Magic cards were announced?

The Warhammer 40k Magic cards were revealed in an official Warhammer-Community post. It explains that Warhammer 40k's crossover will be in 4 100-card Commander decks. Each of the decks will represent one of the different armies from the world of Warhammer 40k and feature a major character from the lore of the game.

Promotional Warhammer 40k Magic card artwork of Marneus Calgar
And They Shall Know No Fear.

The first hero showcased was Marneus Calgar, Chapter Master of the Ultramarines. He is a 3/5 creature with Double Strike and the ability to create two 2/2 white Astartes tokens with vigilance. The latter pairs well with his Master Tactitian ability which allows you to draw a card when one or more tokens enters the battlefield.

Promotional Warhammer 40k Magic card artwork of Be'lakor The Dark Master
Note that they're called Demons to allow for compatibility with other Demon cards.

Second, there was the chaos daemon Be'lakor, the Dark Master. Being a 6/5 flyer is intimidating enough, but this creature from the Warp also boasts the Lord of Torment ability, which allows you to automatically deal damage equal to the power of any Demon that is summoned to the battlefield while Be'lakor is in play.

Promotional Warhammer 40k Magic card artwork of Imotech The Stormlord
An undead army is good. An undead robot army is better.

Representing the necrons is Imotekh the Stormlord. This monocolor creature is only a 3/3, but its strength comes from empowering swarms. His Phaeron ability summons two 2/2 Necron Warrior tokens whenever one or more artifacts leave your graveyard. This is coupled with Imotekh's Grand Strategist ability, which gives one of your tokens +2/+2 and menace at the start of combat until the end of your turn.

Promotional Warhammer 40k Magic card artwork of Magus Lucea Kane
Learn, adapt, replicate, consume. Fits the Tyranids perfectly.

The last major character revealed for the Warhammer 40k Magic cards is Magus Lucea Kane of the Genestealer Cults. As befits a worshipper of the horrific Tyranid hivemind, Lucea Kane has some powerful abilities. First, there is Spiritual Leader which lets you place a +1/+1 token on a creature at the start of combat on each of your turns. Given enough time, your forces will overwhelm. Furthermore, there is Psychic Stimulus, which allows you to copy the effects of a card you play that has X mana cost. These even include permanent spells.

Following these major cards, Games Workshop confirmed that more Warhammer 40k Magic cards were on the way. After briefly showcasing the ear-destroying Noise Marines as red-colored creatures, Games Workshop confirmed that three Secret Lairs were also in the works, featuring Warhammer 40k's Orks as well as cards featuring characters from Warhammer Age of Sigmar as well as Blood Bowl.

When will the Warhammer 40k Magic cards be released?

You won't need to wait long to buy the Warhammer 40k Magic cards. The four Commander decks will be available on October 7. As for the Secret Lairs, they will be made available later in the month.

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