Games Workshop Announces Warhammer Soul Wars Boxed Set

Published: June 5, 2018 4:16 PM /


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Games Workshop has just announced the release of the second edition of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and starter set with Soul Wars featuring the Sacrosanct Chamber of the Stormcast Eternals fighting against Nagash’s Nighthaunt forces, along with several new additions set to hit store shelves at the same time.

The Soul Wars boxed set, as mentioned above, will contain both Stormcast Eternal and Nighthaunt miniatures. According to the Warhammer Community article, every miniature will be push-fit, requiring no plastic glue to get your forces on the painting table and ready for battle as quickly as possible. The Stormcast half contains 19 miniatures, while the Nighthaunt half contains a whopping 33 miniatures. The starter set also contains a Getting Started booklet for brand new players and a Battle for Glymmsforge guide detailing the Stormcast Eternals’ first contact with the new Nighthaunt forces. Soul Wars will also show off the new format for warscroll cards, making them actual card sized as opposed to the current full page format we have for the current edition.

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Soul Wars will also come with a full color, 320 page Core Book as well. One of the major complaints about Age of Sigmar when it was first released was the lack of backstory and lore available. The starter set materials briefly went over the sparse history of the Mortal Realms, and the setting wasn’t fully fleshed out until months later. The Core Book for the new edition will detail everything from the Age of Myth to the capture of Slaanesh, the Realmgate Wars, and the events of Malign Portents up to the Shyish Necroquake. The Core Book will also contain additional rules and battleplans for Age of Sigmar games. Rules for playing in the various realms , a narrative play guide, an Open War Battleplan generator, and a new scoring system designed to reward more flexible players and playstyles. It appears Games Workshop have learned their lessons after the less than stellar launch of the first edition of Age of Sigmar back in 2015 by giving players plenty of new material to work with.

This announcement also contains several additional releases coming alongside the Soul Wars boxed set. The Malign Sorcery pack contains 13 endless spells along with their models and a painting guide as well. For full sized games of Age of Sigmar, the Malign Sorcery expansion brings a total of 84 new magical items into the mix, allowing for even greater Hero customization. The expansion will also come with rules for skirmish-sized games as well as supplements for Path to Glory campaigns.

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The 2018 General’s Handbook will also hit store shelves at the same time containing lots of new content for Age of Sigmar players including rules for Aerial Battles, rules for narrative games and events, and rules for playing Apocalypse-sized games with Gathering of Might. The General’s Handbook will also contain new summoning rules and allegiance abilities for the 13 factions featured last year.

On the modeling and painting side, two new ghostly paints will be available as well. Nighthaunt Gloom and Hexwraith Flame will be hitting the shelves on release week. The two technical paints will allow players to quickly and easily get a Nighthaunt force ready for the tabletop in no time. A new set of objective markers will also be available on release weekend. A set of seven unique markers ranging from floating hunks of warpstone or a cache of Stormcast weaponry to chests of treasure and arcane lore will soon be available, as well as a set of terrain dice to easily determine and mark the various terrain effects in place.

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This massive release wave will go on pre-order on June 16th, with a street release date of June 30th.


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