Games Workshop Announces Arks of Omen Mission Pack

In anticipation of the next season of content for Warhammer 40k, Games Workshop have announced an Arks of Omen mission pack.

Published: December 22, 2022 5:46 PM /


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A new season of Warhammer 40k begins in 2023. The grimdark sci-fi miniatures game shifted to a seasonal model earlier this year, resulting in consistent theming for its upcoming releases. It started with Nachmund which highlighted the Imperium and the forces of Chaos, and continued with Nephilim, which marked the debut of the Leagues of Votann. Now, this third season will properly start soon with the announcement of the Arks of Omen mission pack.

The Arks of Omen mission pack announcement.

The contents of the Arks of Omen mission pack were previewed in a Warhammer Community post. Like other mission packs, Arks of Omen will contain new missions and updated secondary objectives for all armies in Warhammer 40k. But what makes this book stand out are custom detachments. Instead of picking one of five different Detachments from the Core Rulebook, you simply pick one of five unit types to fill in a number of compulsory slots. After you pick your HQ as well as three units with the same role, you are free to build your detachment as you see fit. Not only does this cut down on you juggling multiple detachments, but this personalized setup will also cost no command points.

The new custom detachment deployment also led to other changes in the Arks of Omen mission pack. Putting units into strategic reserves will no longer cost CP, which will help those with certain Tau or Tyranid armies. All armies can now include Lords of War and Fortifications at no extra cost. In addition, some factions will get allied detachments. which will be laid out in new Battle Brothers rules found in the book. According to a video discussing these changes, Games Workshop wanted to encourage more dynamic play at tables, hence the changes to CP cost and the more flexible detachment rules.

An screenshot of text describing Heroic Stratagems from the Arks of Omen mission pack
What's better than one major unit? How about two?

As for the new missions and objectives in the Arks of Omen mission pack, there are plenty to mix up your matches. In addition to universal objectives, the book will contain new goals for each faction, including the Leagues of Votann and the World Eaters. In addition, all Space Marine chapters and Chaos Space Marine legions will get an extra secondary objective.

There is currently no release date for the Arks of Omen mission pack.

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