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If you've been eagerly anticipating the final season of Game Of Thrones and are now counting down the days as each new episode finally drops then we might just have the perfect thing to keep you occupied while you wait. The folks over at Bundle Of Holding have announced the  Game of Thrones RPG book bundle based on everyone favorite medieval murder-fest by George RR Martin. The A Song Of Ice And Fire RPG bundle includes up to 13 roleplaying books published by Green Ronin, which set out campaign settings, how to create characters and how to roleplay through wars and intrigue amongst the many noble houses of the land of Westeros.

The starter collection includes 5 books to help you get started on the road to running a full Game of Thrones RPG campaign for only $14.95 (R.R.P $72). The starter collection includes both full and pocket editions of A Song Of Ice And Fire RPG core rules, as well as a campaign guide, a chronicle starter and an introductory adventure called Wedding Knight. If you pay the upgraded price you'll also receive the bonus collection which includes another 8 books. These 8 books include 3 creatures guides, 3 new rules supplements, a fully-fledged adventure known as Dragon's Hoard and the Night's Watch sourcebook.

A Song Of Ice And Fire RPG was designed by Robert J. Schwalb, designed of stand-alone roleplaying game Grimm which was produced by Fantasy Flight Games back in 2004. After designing Grimm Schwalb received a reward for his work, and in the meantime has contributed to some huge tabletop projects includes the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and official supplements for D&D 3.5.

As if all of that wasn't good enough news already if you buy the A Song Of Ice And Fire bundle then 10 percent of your purchase will go towards the registered charity Union Of Concerned Scientists, who work towards making the planet healthier. You can get your hands on the bundle yourself over at Bundle of Holding.

Do you think the bundle is a good deal? Will you be looking to fill time between episodes of GOT with some of these books? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. 

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